The PUPPY That Became a HERO ๐Ÿถ

Do you know the story of Smoky the hero dog? This Yorkshire Terrier helped save the lives of hundreds of American soldiers during World War II with a clever feat. Discover all the details in this video from AnimalWised and find out more at!

THE CAT that helped SOLVE a MURDER ๐Ÿ™€ ๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ‘‰

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In the 1940s there was a little dog Named smokey he saved hundreds of Soldiers during World War two Becoming a hero dog in the process in This animal wives video we provide all The details of this incredible story Smokey’s beginnings in March 1944 a GI Posted to the United States Army Air Corps in New Guinea find a tiny Yorkshire terrier after realizing the Dog was abandoned the soldier decided to Sell her which is how she ended up in The hands of bill Wynn a 22 year old Corporal who named her smokey from that Moment on the soldier and the dog began Their adventures in which they survived Air strikes typhoons and over a dozen Combat missions together they were Inseparable Wynn was also able to Finagle a special permit so that smokey Could accompany him always even training Her to help admissions the crucial Moment on one campaign American Commanders ran into a major problem Engineers were building an airbase but They couldn’t connect a 22 meter long Telegraph cable between two points Connected by a large pipeline it was Only 20 centimeters in diameter and the Only way to lay the lines was to do the Work by hand this required dozens of men To dig ditches to lay the cables Underground this work was extremely Dangerous and it left men exposed to

Enemy attacks Smokies collaboration due To the difficulty of the job they Decided to enlist Smokies help they sent Her through the pipe with a kite string Tied to her collar this string could be Used to thread the cables between the Pipeline on the other side of the pipe With Smokies best friend Corporal Wynn who called for her to run Along finally smokey managed to get to The other side and the communication Network was established thanks to her Around 250 men were saved from seriously Endangering their lives therapy dog Laying cables not Smokies only great Feet she also became one of the first Therapy dogs for wounded soldiers it all Started when Wynn contracted dengue Fever and was transferred to the Hospital his friends took smokey to see Him and upon seeing the dog nurses asked If they could take her to visit other Wounded soldiers during the days that Wynn was in the hospital smokey slept With him in the evening with nurses Taking her to see other patients during The day Wynn and smokey began to be Recognized elsewhere and terd hospitals To aid in the recovery of soldiers Finally smokey retired in 1955 and died Two years later at the age of 14 almost 50 years later On Veterans Day 2005 a life-size bronze Sculpture of smokey sitting in a

Soldier’s helmet was erected the Sculpture was based on the same site Where smokey was buried tell us what you Thought of this story if you liked it And want to know more about Smokies Adventures we recommend the book Yorkie Doodle Dandy written by Bill Wynn Himself in it you will discover all Their adventures they had together and If you want to continue learning Fascinating animal stories here we share A video about the cat that helped solve A murder We’ll see you next time

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