The story of INSPECTOR REX, the Most Famous POLICE DOG in Europe ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™‚๏ธ

๐Ÿถ๐ŸŽฌ Do you know the name of Inspector Rex? If you have lived in Europe, you should know him as the most famous TV police dog from the Austrian and Italian TV show INSPECTOR REX. But he is not well known in most English-speaking countries. AnimalWised helps show you why he was so famous.


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In most of europe he is the most famous Police dog in television history In english-speaking countries he is Barely known this is why animal-wise Shines a light on the legendary canine Character inspector rex And the true story of the dog which First played him Rex’s real name the first animal to play The police dog was named Santo vom house zieglemeier also known As bj before fame he was a german Shepherd raised in the city of Englishnet in germany He had a normal family life until a Well-known american trainer named teresa Ann miller took an interest in him She convinced his human family to Introduce bj to the world of acting As an animal actor trainer teresa saw His potential And began the training which would lead Him to being a star [Music] Bj as inspector rex this series Inspector rex was first broadcast in 1994 From that moment on the character of rex Became an icon on tv He first fought crime with the police in Vienna austria when the story began Rex had just lost his partner and was Starting a new adventure with his new Cop buddy richard moser

The plot hooked in thousands of years Who were intrigued by both the cases And the impressiveness of the show’s Canine star it became so popular Even the soon-to-be pope benedict was a Fan [Music] Facts about the series it is said that Bj used to have four R daily gym sessions as with any human Actor He also had about four stunt double dogs That started the most dangerous scenes Of the series The reception of the series was so good That in 1997 A film based in the series called baby Rex was created keeping the talent alive The puppy which played rex in his early Days was one of bj’s sons This same dog would replace him years Later to continue filming the original Series Which lasted around 20 years eventually Moving to italy But also having franchises across the World without doubt Rex was a television icon that wore Generations and demonstrated the Audacity and bravery of german shepherds In law enforcement Discover the story of another dog that Became an acting star In the video that we share here had you

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