The TRUTH About the First DOG to Play LASSIE ๐Ÿถ๐ŸŽฌ (Pal)

๐ŸŽฅ๐Ÿ• Do you know the movie and television character Lassie? This Rough Collie was known worldwide from the 40s onwards. In this AnimalWised video we explain how this character was born and we talk about Pal, the dog who first played the character. Do not miss it!

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Does the name lassie ring a bell This rough collie was known worldwide For her stories in movies and television Series from the 1940s onwards In this animal-wise video we explain how This character was born And the history of the dog that played Her [Applause] [Music] The character lassie the story of lassie Was born by the hand of the british Writer eric knight In 1938 eric wrote a short story about The character lassie that was published In the saturday evening post A couple of years later he wrote a novel Called lassie comes home Starring the same character a few years After this Hollywood producers decided to bring This story to the big screen To do so they needed the right colleague To play the title rule The dog that played lassie the dog that Landed the starring rule in the film was Pow A collie trained by brothers rudd and Frank weatherwax They were both trainers and had ended up Taking care of pal because his owners Had decided to get rid of him For barking too much and having bad Habits such as chasing motorcycles

But landing the role of lassie was not Easy for pal he competed with 1500 other Dogs And was initially rejected for being Male still he was hired as a stuntman And in one of his scenes he so impressed The director That he decided to replace the female Dog with pal pal’s success as lassie The movie lassie come home was so Successful that lassie became a Character adored across the world Powell starred in up to six films Playing this character in addition to Appearing at fairs and other shows in The united states The character was so loved by the public They decided to dedicate a television Series to her Pal’s legacy after years in the acting World Pal sadly passed away the news was not Made public because most of the Followers of the series were children And producers did not want to hurt their Feelings Pal was the first dog to play the famous Collie but his descendants were in Charge of continuing to play the role of Lassie And the characters fame grew and grew And if you want to know the story of Another dog that starred in movies Don’t miss the video we share here in

Which we explain the story of rin tintin Are there any other famous dogs you’d Like to hear about leave us a comment if So And we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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