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So if I do not find somebody soon [Music] [Applause] The bottom line is we need to get a dog For protection like if someone tried to Break into our house I’d want to make Sure that they were immediately Terrified You are perfect you are literally Perfect It’s crazy Oh bye Are you kidding me right now I seen you Your tail is too excited it’s giving it Away back it up back it up back it up Back it up beep In the world is going on here how did You even get up there Luna Who do you think you are you ate some Cat poop now you’re thinking the Queen Of the Jungle is that what’s happening Trying to figure out who took the three Pieces of chicken breasts Is that is that a guilty face no Choco Who ate the chicken Chuckle My dog has an exhaust system how about Yours [Music] [Music] [Music] Am I walking you or you walking me

Oh I’m walking you up Oh I’m sick Hey you’re not going to the vet baby Oh we’re going Lucy Baby you’re not Oh It was at this moment that he knew he up yeah he sure did [Music] Foreign [Music] Can I help you [Music] You’re a biscuit So there’s five for one pound You can have one for free Mama how’s that gate working for you I wanna kill my mom Now somebody everybody everybody screwed [Music] Me I’m a Potato Your tomato Potato no I said it was a potato no your Tomatoes Touch your nose against your dog’s nose And see who cares first God damn man these gave me This goddamn dog for free Trying to find out how to speak Spanish Come here snack Then tell you Sent the tape

Domino moved Here [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] Give me a kiss if you like peanut butter Apples Carrots No carrots Um pears Pears War War Nintendo come on come inside They think his child book Sign Has no way to come in Nintendo come on Come on [Music] Here What did you bring into my house Did you break a leaf into my house to Rip up on my floor why do I keep finding Leaves ripped up on my floor huh what is That The leaf you have right there Sir Oh yeah

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