This 12-Year-old DOG is ADOPTED After 6 YEARS Waiting 🐢🐾

πŸ• Sandi is a 12 year old Pit Bull and Boxer mix who has been in an animal shelter for 6 years. Her big day has arrived: She has been adopted! In this AnimalWised video we explain her story and show you the inspiring moment when she leaves the refuge with her two new human companions. Do you like emotional stories of animals with a happy ending? Then this is the video for you! Credit: Marion-Grant County Humane Society via Storyful



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If you are in need of an inspirational Animal story with a happy ending this New animal-wise video is for you Today we tell the story of sandy a dog Who spent six years waiting in an animal Shelter before being adopted [Music] Sandy is a 12 year old pit bull and Boxer mix who spent the past six years At the marion grant county humane Society shelter in indiana usa after six Years of waiting her big day finally Arrived she had been adopted her Rescuers are two women named erin and Carrie rhodes they lost their dog and Couldn’t stop thinking about sandy after Meeting her at the shelter they didn’t Think twice they decided to adopt her And gave her the life she deserved after Six years sandy had already gotten used To living in the shelter and had been There longer than any of the volunteers But after exactly 2461d Living in the shelter luck knocked on Her door look how adorable and happy she Is now she will finally receive all the Attention and pampering she needs we’re Glad we can give our congratulations to Sandy although senior dogs are Unfortunately the least adopted any dog Regardless of age or breed has the same Right to live with a family that gives Them love and attention if you want to Know other stories of animals doing

Amazing things check out our playlist in The corner here if you have your own Adoption stories please share them in The comments and we’ll see you next time

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