🐈 Although cats tend to be very homey and don’t usually stray far from home, there are some who love to go on adventures! In this AnimalWised video, we bring you the story of Bounty, the cat who loves to travel around Italy. As soon as Doina adopted the feline, he became her indispensable traveling companion.


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Credit: Doina Muravschi via Storyful🐈

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[Music] Although cats tend to be very homey and Don’t usually stray far there is at Least one with more adventurous spirits In this animal-wised video we meet Bounty the cat that loves to travel Bounty is a cat who lives in the Municipality of bellabio in northern Italy together with his human companion Donya Alobelabio is their home base they do Not stop traveling all over italy Together Dornia has always loved to travel Especially cycling along the italian Coast and climbing mountain peaks When she adopted bounty she knew she Would take him with her on every Adventure As soon as dornia adopted the feline he Became her indispensable traveling Companion Together they have been to places like San gimignano in tuscany como and Manarola dornia explained that she Handmade a baby carrier for her furry Companion to make his travels more Comfortable as the feline would often Take a nap while she pedaled Bounty’s adventures include hiking Lounging on the beach sailing on boats And enjoying a variety of mountain views And sunsets He has also climbed to the snowy peak of

Grignetta a mountain in the province of Lekko which is more than two thousand Meters above sea level Dornia has recently explained that she And bounty who is not yet two years old Are currently in northern italy but that She’s planning another trip to the alps As soon as the warm weather arrives What do you think of this cat’s life Do you think your pet has the same Wanderlust If you want to know other emotional Animal stories don’t miss the playlist We share here Let us know any travelling stories you Have with your animals by leaving a Comment and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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