Tips for Leaving a PUPPY Home ALONE 🐢🏠 (Puppy Training)

πŸ• We need to make many considerations when we adopt a puppy into our home, one of the most important is whether we can spend enough time with them. When we leave for work or any other reason, our puppy can become anxious if left home alone. At AnimalWised, we provide Tips for Leaving a PUPPY HOME ALONE and show you what training methods can best prevent separation anxiety.


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[Music] When we adopt a puppy into our home it Can be difficult for them to be by Themselves They can cry and experience separation Anxiety For this reason it’s important we know How to train them to feel secure when They are home alone Something we investigate in this new Animal-wise video [Music] At what age can we leave a puppy alone When a puppy moves in with us They feel insecure and need time to get Used to their surroundings Everything is new the environment the People and any other animals which may Be around If we leave them alone at the beginning They can get stressed and panic We need to be patient and get them used To being alone progressively Ideally they should be accompanied for The first five to seven weeks after Their arrival After which we can gradually teach them To be alone Discover in this video how to give a Puppy a proper welcome when they arrive In your home How long can they be alone a puppy of Less than four months of age Shouldn’t be left alone for more than

Two hours in total when they are an Adult they shouldn’t be alone for more Than six hours Hard to get a puppy used to being alone To help a puppy become more independent We should start with gentle exercises For example when they are busy playing With a toy leave the room for a minute And then return This way they can learn that you will Return even if they have been left alone For a moment After getting them used to being alone For a minute the difficulty can be Increased At this point we should leave the room When they are not distracted Stay outside for two minutes and then Return to the room The most important things you do it in a Calm and relaxed way Giving them no reason to feel frightened If the puppy cries when you’re gone Ignore them reduce the length the next Time you’re away and praise him for Being calm If the puppy manages to be alone for Several minutes at a time You can start to leave the house don’t Do it when they are sleeping so they can Know your behavior It is best not to say goodbye to them so They can see it as a normal common Practice

First go for a few minutes to take out The trash or check the mailbox If you remain cam the puppy will pick up On it when the puppy tolerates these Brief absences without problem We can increase the duration and vary The time so they can get used to the Unpredictability of our leaving Once at this point you can increase the Intervals again To help them feel calm in our absence You can use the following tips Establish a routine take the puppy out Every day at the same time before you go To work or leave the home Encourage exercise to help tire them out Physically and mentally A puppy needs a minimum of 30 minutes For an exercise walk This way they will relax when you return Home and rest when home alone However we need to remember they are Still developing so ensure we don’t Overwork them when exercising [Music] Take into account feeding times remember That your puppy should eat before you Leave but puppies often vomit their food From the stress of being left alone Feed them with enough time to spare so Their food can settle helping them to Relax Prepare a quiet place for them create a Safe space with toys

Bedding food and water at hand it has to Be somewhere safe where they cannot Destroy anything However don’t lock them in a small room Or tie them down as this can make them Feel trapped Not only is it cruel and harmful to Leave a dog tied up for hours They will associate this feeling with Being alone Be careful with choking don’t leave your Puppy treats or toys they can choke on We always need to be careful with bones And treats but remember they may break Toys or other objects to pieces and try To ingest them If you want to know more about what you Should take into account when taking Care of a puppy Don’t miss the complete guide that we Share here Provide ambient noise some dogs react Well to soothing piano music Radio or television noise try to can Them down by leaving the tv on with the Sound low so they can feel accompanied Call for help if you have to leave your Puppy alone for more than two Hours ask your neighbor or a friend to Come see them or even take them for a Walk Keep in mind that puppies still can’t Last that long without relieving Themselves

Did you have any problems with your Puppy being alone if so let us know About it in the comments and we’ll see You next time

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