Top 10 Best Dog Travel Crates – That Are Ready to Go When You Are

When traveling with your dog, you must be prepared! A dog travel crate will help keep your pet safe and provide them with a cozy space while traveling by air, or even in the back seat of your car as you head out for a weekend trip. Dog crates are one of the most underrated options for pet transportation. Most dog owners assume their dog will be content sitting at their feet or looking out the window. In this video we’ll go over 10 best dog travel crates that’ll suit yours and your dog’s travel needs.

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When traveling with your dog you must be Prepared a dog travel crate will help Keep your pets safe and provide them With a cozy space while traveling by air Or even in the back seat of your car as You head out for a weekend trip Dog crates are one of the most Underrated options for Pet Transportation Most dog owners assume their dog will be Content sitting at their feet or looking Out the window In this video we’ll go over 10 best dog Travel crates that’ll suit yours and Your dog’s travel needs by air or land Or maybe even by sea dog owners know That vacations are more fun with a dog But how will you keep your dog safe on Your journey together Start with a dog travel crane Dog travel crates or carriers provide a Safe enclosed space for your dog to Travel in Comfort These crates differ from a home crate With a few extra features including Providing ways to secure them during Travel Crates offer necessary security and Durability during travel they also Function as a safe space for your pet at Your destination We’ve rounded up our favorite dog crates To help get your furry friend great or Small safely from point A to point B

First let’s take a look at How to choose the best dog travel crate That’s right for your pup Here are the factors to consider when Choosing a travel crate One Size It should be big enough for your dog to Sit stand and turn around in but small Enough to keep them secure Generally travel crates should be no More than six inches longer than your Dog 2. safety However you plan to travel with your dog A sturdy crate should securely enclose Them and protect them from potential Accidents 3. set up No matter the crate you choose it should Be easy to assemble store and use Otherwise you’ll be less likely to use It 4. situation Some crates work best for car travel Some for air travel and some work well For both A note on car safety dog should always Be restrained in the car whether with a Travel crate dog car harness or doggie Seat belt we recommend choosing a Product that’s been crash tested by the Center for pet safety a note on air Travel the cargo area can be scary even

Dangerous for dogs In fact some Airlines don’t allow it due To liability concerns But if you need to fly your larger dog We recommend a durable and well-designed Crate Be sure to check that your air travel Crate meets the tsa’s guidelines before Heading out on your trip Now let’s talk about the top 10 best dog Travel crates One.diggs revolve dog crate This superior quality dog crate from Diggs offers you a range of functions From home use as a playpen and then to a Transport crate for your car The crate is collapsible for easy Portability and storage and there’s a Carrying handle and wheels The crate features a removable plastic Tray for easy Cleanup in the event of Accidents and there’s a handy ceiling Hatch so that you can get to your dog Quickly if you need to If you have a puppy you’ll love the Adjustable puppy divider panel that’s Included with the crate making the crate Suitable for potty training and home use The Revolt dog crate is made from Reinforced plastic sturdy steel mesh Wire and high grade aluminum so you know That your purchase will last you a Lifetime The crate is designed along the same

Lines as baby industry standards with Extra large durable mesh meaning that Your pet won’t get his nose or Paws Trapped or pinched Thanks to a decent looking design the Revolt crate is suitable for home use Too That Petmate Sky kennel pet carrier Catnate makes a number of different Kinds of dog crates to suit canines of Different sizes As well as being designed for use in Your car this dog crate is airline Approved by most major air carriers The crate is very sturdy and robust and The steel and plastic construction keeps Your pet safe and secure throughout your Journey All the crates fixings are made using Corrosion resistant stainless steel that Won’t fail and the crate boasts a 360 Degree ventilation system for your pet’s Comfort As an extra bonus you get a food bowl Included with the crate and some ID Stickers Three dot Aspen pet Porter kennel This heavy duty travel crate comes with The added bonus that you can use it for Airline travel as well as in your car Large dogs up to 125 pounds are catered To thanks to the wide range of crate Sizes that you can choose from with this World-renowned brand

The dog carrier is lightweight but Sturdy enough to keep your Canine Companion safe during car Journeys For your dog’s Comfort your pet enjoys Ventilation on three sides of the kennel 4. Ledo sloping puppy cage The elebow slanted wire dog cage is Suitable for most vehicles but we Recommend that you check with your car Dealer before you buy Also this crate isn’t as strong as some Alternatives so it’s not suitable for a Beefier breed you can fold this Attractive crate flat for excellent Portability and storage and there’s a Movable carrying handle that makes your Life even easier For easy cleaning the metal tray that Sits in the bottom of the crate is Removable To make sure that your puppy stays Firmly contained throughout your journey The crate features a single door with a Heavy duty latch system 5.4 plus Atlas 38 cat and dog carrier Fur class has produced its Atlas 30 dog Carrier with a traveler in mind This pet kennel is designed for small Dogs and puppies weighing up to 33 Pounds The crate’s robust plastic construction And steel mesh wire door are designed to Keep an escape artist safely contained Throughout the journey and the Locking

System ensures that the crate won’t open Accidentally There are plenty of side ventilation Grilles to keep your pet comfortable During a warm weather road trip and you Can disassemble the crate easily for Storage and cleaning The main drawback to this crate is that It doesn’t come in a larger size At Midwest I create double door Collapsible wire dog Creek kit The Midwest I crate dog crate kit Contains everything you need to keep Your pet safe at home and away The double door crate is made from Sturdy mesh and is also a foldable crate For easy storage and portability Included in the package you get a Machine washable privacy crate cover a Crate-sized dog bed and two pet bowls That can be attached to the crate Your dog will be kept safely confined in The crate thanks to the secure slide Bulb latch and the crate has rounded Corners for safety Seven dotsinger Winger PR 4000 The Zinger Winger PR 4000 travel crate Is functional and stylish too The crate is weatherproof and built to Withstand poor conditions which is why This is a very popular dog carrier with Hunters and outdoorsmen Used in the construction of this crate Is robust strong and corrosion resistant

So you know there’s no risk of your dog Getting out while he’s in transit also The crate is lighter than most steel Carriers making it much easier to carry And handle When you’re not out on the road with Your pet you can use the crate indoors For training or simply as a comfy Den made 21 859 Bari kennel The Petmate 21 859 Vari Kennel is incredibly strong and Sturdy and it’s also pretty much escape Proof That’s why this is one of the Best-selling travel crates on the market Today You can use this rugged crate safely in Your car or SUV and it also doubles as a Useful crate for training and general Home use The crate is available in a few Different sizes including an extra small One that’s good for little puppies The smaller sized crates are made from Two halves that simply snap together The larger crates are firmly kept secure With strong bolts Escape is not an option for your pet Thanks to the reinforced classic holders That house the metal rods that keep the Crate door shut That’s much better than most other Similar crates where the rod sit in

Punched holes in the crate rim Finally there’s a squeeze latch Fastener Feature that prevents the occupant from Opening the door from the inside Amazon Basics 2 door top load hard sided Pet travel carrier This Amazon Basics travel dog crate is Designed with small dogs and puppies in Mind The top loading design makes it super Easy to access the dog inside the crate And there’s ample ventilation from the Sides and top of the crate to keep your Pet comfortable on warm days This pet crate gives your dog a great View of his surroundings during the Journey too Crate’s front door opens to both right And left and you can open the door latch One-handed which is perfect for solo Travelers The carrier is easy to assemble via four Snap latches that are reinforced with Screws for your peace of mind Finally portability is a breeze thanks To the strong top handle 10.4 times for North America MIM Barrio Cage dog travel crate The vario cage 4×4 North America is a Safety transport crate designed to Protect your dogs from injury after Accident impacts It stands out as the only crash test Certified safety crate on the market

Using the spct method With this and features like Adjustability quality materials and Spaciousness it is definitely worth Considering as a dog owner this is one Serious car crate the vario cage was Designed to surpass European crash tests And past front rear and rollover Collision tests The front door secures with a key lock It has a one hand quick release latch And there’s a rear escape hatch with an External release in case of an emergency That requires a quick vehicle exit The average pet owner is usually unsure Of the laws on restraining dogs and Other pets in a moving car To make it even more confusing those Laws tend to vary between countries For example according to the highway Code in the UK it’s your responsibility To ensure that Dogs or other animals are suitably Restrained so they cannot distract you On your driving or injure you or Themselves if you stop quickly In the U.S and Canada the law varies Between states However in general the law states that You must not transport a dog on the back Of an open truck So if you take your dog hunting he must Travel in a crate in the center of your Truck box

It is illegal for a driver to travel With a dog in their lap It is illegal to travel with a dog in a Close trunk There are also laws in North America and Other countries that ban distracted Driving In many instances drivers have been Fined for distracted driving because They have been traveling with an Unrestrained dog in their vehicle So you must not put your dog in the Trunk of your car to travel However if you have a hatchback style Car you might be able to put a dog Travel crate or Carrier into the trunk In that case it’s fine to transport your Dog in the trunk provided that the crate Is properly restrained and there’s Plenty of airflow for your pet Since all vehicles are designed Differently we strongly recommend that You ask your car dealership for advice On the safest place to put your dog’s Crate in your vehicle Thanks so much for watching y’all Don’t forget to subscribe to see our Next video about the animals we love Best

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