Top 10 French Dog Breeds

French dog breeds are among the most popular in the world, not just in their native France where over 40 originate. In this AnimalWised video we bring you just 10 of these fascinating French dog breeds, some of which you will recognize, others which you will love to discover. For example, you may be well versed in the ubiquitous French Bulldog or the Poodle, but do you know the Dogue de Bordeaux? See video of these breeds being their beautiful selves and discover interesting facts and characteristics. This is helpful if you are thinking of adopting one yourself or if you just want to know a little more about French canine culture. Keep watching to find out.

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Did you know that more than 40 breeds of Dog have originated in France although Some of them have become extinct for Various reasons there are still many That exists today some are popular at Home often still used as working dogs in The French countryside others are Popular the world over and have Influenced how we think of dogs as a Whole Keep watching to see our top 10 French Dog breeds [Music] We start our list of French dog breeds With the Barbet a medium-sized water dog With a strong and well proportioned body They have long woolly and curly fur Which helps them to stay warm in cold Water conditions some controversy exists About their origin but the Barbet is Recognized by most as one of the oldest European breeds the poodle weather Standard or miniature is one of those Popular French breeds in the world these Fine furred pooches not only stand out For their advanced in ered one of the Smartest dog breeds in the world they Are specially sensitive and require Special care to keep their curly mantle In perfect condition the basset articie On normal is a short haired and short Legged cousin of the basset hound Belonging to the same group of horns Which started to be regulated in 1870s

From this decade and through the Crossing of Bassets with common Characteristics two varieties of Rose The Artois hound with straight front Legs and the basilar tizian along with Bent front legs it was not until 1924 That the name Basset artesian norman was Adopted it is characterized by being a Long dog with short legs like the basset Hunt they are robust with long droopy Ears and a forlorn expression being Originally used as a small game dog the Short head French basset has a powerful Nose and is a world-class tracker the French Bulldog is a robust and chubby Dog which originates from the English Bulldog their kind sociable playful and Affectionate nature allows us to quickly Understand why these little dogs with Their bad ears are so loved all over the World of course as a bratty cephalic dog It should be noted that they need to Receive special care to preserve their Good health The Papillion shows an elegant demeanor And has a smooth walk for this reason it Is considered one of the most elegant Dog breeds in the world it is an Intelligent and active dog this Affectionate and extroverted within its Family nucleus it is not especially Suitable of strangers so correct early Socialization is important little is Known about the origins of the Bordeaux

Bulldog it is estimated that their Ancestors were introduced into France by Celtic peoples The first specimen of this breed was Recorded in the 14th century appeared in Which it was used mainly for hunting Large animals and for protection This dog stands out for its robust large And muscular body the head is very Striking for its size and its numerous Wrinkles they exhibit when being Attentive they are good-natured Sensitive kin and loyal of character Winning innumerable hearts including Ours however because of its physical Presence and powerful jaw the Dogue de Bordeaux is considered a potentially Dangerous breed in some countries alone Not a well-known dog outside of France The Briard attracts attention for its Particular and attractive appearance it Is large with a rounded and strong Rectangular body its fur is long dry and Has a rough texture the reason it is Also known as goat hair in terms of Character the Briard is an active Playful and loyal dog but also balanced And very sure of themselves as their Name suggests this dog originated in the Brie region there is little precise Information about his origins but it is Estimated that it could be one of the Oldest French breeds probably descended From the old shepherd dogs of the Paris

Basins this breed is originally from the French region of Gascony and is little Known in other European countries However it is one of the most popular Hunting dogs in the country of origin It is a large and imposing hound which Shows a muscular body with strong legs And drooping ears with a very developed Sense of smell a noble serene and loyal Character at the ground bleu de Gascoigne is gaining increasing Popularity as a companion dog Due to its powerful barking it is Important to pay attention to their Education and socialization to avoid Behavioural issues the boost Sarang is Another large French dog with a rustic And strong body They have short smooth and thick fur Which can be black and tan or of the Harlequin style the first specimen of This breed was registered in France in The year 1893 It’s particularly ms due to its Birthplace specifically the plains near Paris known as the boosts At the beginning this dog was used to Carry out field tasks such as guiding Herds and protecting land however they Were later used to accompany the French Army during the two world wars they Stand out for their intelligence energy And self-confidence being a loving and Loyal dog with loved one

They can however be reserved with Strangers the last breed in our list has A little bit of mystery in terms of Nationality this is because it is a Mountain dog from the Pyrenees the Mountainous range which straddles the Territories of both France and Spain for This reason we may consider it as a Franco-spanish dog However this breed has gained special Popularity in the land of the goals even Being declared the Royal dog of the French Court by king louis xiv himself Currently the great pyrenees has become Popular as a companion dog although we Can still find it protecting herds in Some regions it is protective loyal and Somewhat independent because of its size They require space to exercise their Abundant coat also needs to be brushed Regularly so they were not well suited To owners who don’t like responsibility Although these are the ten was popular French dog breeds there are many missing Such as the French spaniel the black Francais the Brittany dog the Brax and German or the bracketed Borbon a among Others do you know any more French dog Breeds we haven’t mentioned here if so Don’t hesitate to leave a comment and Share if you enjoyed the video don’t Forget to Like and subscribe to our Channel for more we’ll see you next time

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