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πŸ• Do you know what is the biggest dog in the world? AnimalWised provides our list of the top 10 LARGEST DOG BREEDS in the world to see how some of these dogs are relative giants.


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Animal wise brings you the 10 largest Dog breeds in the world keep watching to See if you know them all [Music] Great Dane Also known as the German Mastiff this is Probably the most well-known giant dog Breed males can measure up to 35 inches At the withers although females are a Little shorter they can weigh over 180 Pounds but their body has a strong Musculature they are affable calm and Very good with kids unfortunately their Life expectancy is only six to eight Years Saint Bernard their face inspires Tenderness and they are a beloved family Dog all around the world despite looking Heavier than the Great Dane the Saint Bernard can also measure up to 35 inches And weigh up to 180 pounds Great Danes Are considered the larger of the two Thanks to some truly gigantic specimens Throughout their history Irish Wolfhound Believed to originate from the first Egyptian sight hounds this very old dog Can measure up to 31 inches at the Withers and weighs a minimum of around 120 pounds this giant dog has an Elongated and slander body with long Strong and wiry hair despite their Imposing size they are known for having A peaceful and docile character Leonberger of German origin this dog has Long brown fur they are balanced large

And muscular being able to measure up to 31 inches at the withers and reach a Weight of up to 165 pounds they have a Cam temperament but an imposing presence In addition their bi-layered coat is Longer on the tail head and front legs They are a faithful docile and Affectionate dog If you want to know more dogs that look Like lions don't miss the first info Video we share above Spanish Mastiff Mastiffs are large breed dogs in general But the Spanish Mastiff stands out for Being one of the biggest males usually Measure 31 inches at the withers and can Weigh over 170 pounds while females are Usually a little smaller and lighter They are a very balanced affectionate And Noble breed standing out for being Intelligent and cam discover more about The Spanish mastiff in the video that we Leave you on the card above if you're Enjoying this video remember you can Help us to grow our Channel by giving us A super thanks Newfoundland they are a Large and easy to train dog their origin Lies in Canada and are the most popular Aquatic rescue dog for their love of Water and their dense insulating fur Although not the average meals weigh Over a whopping 200 pounds they usually Measure between 25 and 30 inches at the Withers and they are known for their Loyalty and affection pyrenean Mountain

Dog either all white light or with a Spotted coat this large dog breed has Many Guardians falling in love at first Sight in addition to their beautiful Appearance they have a loyal and Protective character traits which are Useful when working as a herding dog They can weigh over 185 pounds and their Patches can be tan gray or black Scottish deer Hound a giant breed of dog Endemic to the United Kingdom they are Thought to be one of the ancestors of The Greyhound in the Middle Ages they Were used for deer hunting and they were A very exclusive dog with their Guardians they can weigh over a hundred Pounds and measure over 30 inches Despite being so large they are a cam Affectionate sociable and very gentle Dog pyrenean Mastiff this dog measures Around 30 inches at the withers and Weighs approximately 175 pounds although Females are somewhat smaller there are Specimens that can reach over 220 pounds Making them a giant dog they are noted For their nobility and loyalty Caucasian shepherd dog it is a dog with A lush Mane and affable look males can Measure up to 30 inches at the withers And weigh over 100 ponds this dog is not Usually afraid of anything and can be Very protective of their family one Reason why it's essential to socialize Them correctly their coat requires a lot

Of care to keep it in perfect condition If you want to keep learning about other Dog breeds don't miss the playlist We Share here Which large dog is your favorite and Which ones did we leave out share your Thoughts in the comments and we'll see You next time [Music]

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