Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds -Which One is Right for You?

Dogs are not only man’s best friend, but they can also be some of the smartest creatures on the planet. In this video, we’ll count down the top 10 smartest dog breeds. From the highly trainable Labrador Retriever to the obedient German Shepherd, these are the dogs that will amaze you with their intelligence. So if you’re looking for a smart dog, be sure to check out this video!

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We all know that dogs are man’s best Friend but did you know that some breeds Are smarter than others In this video we’ll count down the top 10 smartest dog breeds from the ever Popular Labrador Retriever to the Lesser-known Australian Cattle Dog These braids are sure to surprise and Delight you So whether you’re looking for a new best Friend or just want to learn more about The canine mind this video is for you Now let’s take a look at the top 10 Smartest dog breeds Starting out at number one we have Border Collies The valedictorians of the dog world These herders took the top spot and Stanley corin’s intelligence rankings Meaning most can learn a new command in Under five repetitions and follow it at Least 95 percent of the time This research has been largely credited To Canine psychologist Stanley Corin he Had the help of 199 obedience trial Judges to help with his research and While his idea was initially met with a Lot of criticism he received a huge Response The smartest dog breeds list has Accelerated the popularity of Border Collies with these dogs being the top of The list plenty of potential owners Decided to give them a look but how do

We know that border collies are the most Intelligent dogs Border Collies are some of the hardest Working dog breeds you’ll find they have A loving and spirited side but also a Fierce workaholic personality but Because they’re such brilliant workers It makes you wonder just how smart they Are Border Collies are the smartest dog Breed when it comes to obedience Training in fact the world’s most Intelligent dog was a border collie who Knew over one thousand nouns the border Collie’s ability to efficiently herd Sheep also requires a special type of Dog intelligence plus the dog breed is Great at learning from past experiences Suggesting they have high adaptive IQ At number two we have poodles Nowadays you can adopt Cockapoos woodles And golden doodles to name a few but Breeders love regular old poodles for More than just their hypoallergenic Qualities the curly coated cuties also Took the silver medal for working Intelligence in corin’s survey Miniature poodles are intelligent Athletic dogs who love companionship and Are easy to get along with Although they are occasionally Characterized as finicky breed miniature Poodles are actually wonderful family Dogs thanks to their smarts they’re

Eager to please attitude and their Gentle demeanor with kids and other pets They’re an easy to train breed low Allergen and low odor so they fit in Well with most homes and families their Low shedding curly coats have the Benefit of being nearly hypoallergenic They do require lots of care and Grooming if you have the time and Resources to dedicate to these people Peaceful pups they make loving and loyal Companions At number three we have German Shepherds German Shepherds happily serve as police Dogs seeing eye dogs medical assistant Dogs and therapy dogs so it’s no Surprise that consistent obedience comes Standard with this breed If you’re a German Shepherd owner you Have a strong suspicion your dog might Actually be smarter than you After all what can’t your dog do these Dogs are known for their intelligence And many can learn a new behavior and Only a few repetitions In addition they have a legendary desire To cooperate and work with us a trait Many see as a wish to please their Humans No wonder this breed excels at so many Activities and is a top obedience Competitor because German Shepherds are One of the brightest breeds be sure to Be consistent use positive reinforcement

Based methods provide plenty of mentally Stimulating toys and play brain Challenging games They are known for being fearless and Self-confident German Shepherds will Assertively stand their ground and are Suited to be either watchdog or Guardian Whichever the situation demands they can Be aloof with strangers yet are not Hostile this natural protective instinct Is reassuring to the German Shepherd Owner but it also comes with a certain Responsibility you should be committed To spending time socializing and Training your dog to ensure your Companion feels comfortable around Strangers and other dogs if you do You’ll benefit from all this dog has to Offer At number four we have golden retrievers That’s right one of the nation’s most Beloved family pets also took home Straight A’s in this intelligent survey While the breed wasn’t originally Intended for hunting goldens also enjoy Acting like straight up goof balls once In a while which you already know if you Have one of your own Don’t let their goopiness trick you Golden retrievers are the four smartest Breed behind Border Collies poodles and German Shepherds they’re easy to train And easily pick up on human emotions in Fact they’re about as smart as a

Two-year-old and can learn over 165 Words Their intelligence helps them quickly Learn new commands and behaviors but the Other reason they’re easy to train is That they like pleasing people they are Sweet family dogs that want to make you Happy it’s part of what they originally Bred to do In the 1800s they were bred as hunting Dogs that would retrieve shot down birds So they’re used to working with and four People today some golden retrievers are Still hunting dogs but they’re also Search and rescue dogs therapy dogs and Service dogs Because golden retrievers are smart high Energy dogs they need to be mentally Stimulated If you don’t challenge them mentally They’ll start to engage in destructive Or unwanted Behavior like chewing up Household items or excessive barking Coming in at number five we have Doberman Pinschers Dobermans got their Start in the late 19th century when a German tax collector named Louis Doberman wanted a medium-sized pet to Act as both a guard dog and companion Translation these Fearless protectors Can hold their own and hang with kids As the fifth smartest dog breed Doberman Pinschers are more intelligent than Nearly every other breed

By Nature Dobermans are loyal and will Guard their people and territory But it’s their ability to recognize Friends from foes that makes them so Instinctively intelligent I mean what Good is a guard dog if he or she just Attacks everyone and anything There are a lot of big scary dogs in the World but since Dobermans are so good at Differentiating the good from the bad They’re some of the best guard dogs Despite this it’s still highly Recommended that you provide them with Lots of socialization At number six we have Shetland Sheepdogs Smaller than Collies these adorable Fluff balls hold their own in hurting Agility and obedience trials Consequently Shelties do tend to bark Chase and herd but they are affectionate Nature and love for cuddles will erase Any hard feelings Shelties are used as medical alert dogs As well as service and therapy dogs they Also excel in Dog Sports including rally Agility hurting and obedience in fact This little collie and miniature ranks Among the top canine competitors in the World Developed in the rugged Shetland Islands Off the coast of Scotland near the Arctic Circle the Shetland Sheepdog was Bred to be an agile alert and Intelligent herder

In fact he’ll try to hurt almost Anything including squirrels birds and Kids They’re very protective of their family And quick to bark to let you know Someone’s coming which makes them good Watch Dogs Speaking of barking this is a vocal dog That likes to bark a lot it’s not Unusual for a Sheltie to follow family Members around everywhere they go just To be close a sensitive breed Shelties Need companionship and don’t do well if Left alone for excessive amounts of time At number seven we have Labrador Retrievers Labs love to please whether They’re serving as guide dogs narcotic Detection dogs or just everyday family Pets Americans have accordingly made Them the most popular breed in the Country for a whopping 27 years in a row Labrador retrievers are ranked the Seventh smartest dog breed out of 138 Different breeds making them one of the Most intelligent breeds They also have above average retrieving Instincts and they can adapt to new Situations with ease which makes them Much smarter than other breeds Labradors Are also considered to be very Intelligent because they have great Instinctive intelligence meaning they Were bred for certain jobs or roles and They can perform certain duties without

You needing to teach them For example Labradors were bred to be Water retrievers they are very obedient Dogs and tend to learn new tricks and Habits very easily Coming in at number nine we have Rottweilers Rottweilers descended from drover dogs In ancient Rome with the rugged Dependable temperament to boot an Engaged Rottweiler owner will take care To train and exercise their Pooch Thoroughly with the reward of a loving And loyal friend In German Rottweilers are known as Rottweiler Metzger hunt which literally Translates to Rottweiler butcher’s dog The Rottweiler breed is a direct Descendant of the Mastiffs of the Roman Legion they were historically bred to Herd cattle and pull carts filled with Butchered Meats to markets As time progressed the owners trained The dog breed to search and rescue dogs And join legal departments as police Dogs Rottweilers are generally calm and Temperament and are highly trainable They are a confident dog breed and need Firm leadership while training otherwise They assume the role of alpha at number 10 we have Australian cattle dogs The Australian cattle dog sits outside Of the top 50 in akc’s popularity

Rankings But don’t miss out on this smart breed Alert curious and pleasant the high Energy herders do best with a job An extremely alert and intelligent dog The Australian cattle dog is loyal to Owners and wary of strangers The breed is very energetic and not a Suited for apartment living The Australian cattle dog is sturdy Compact and solid on its feet Bread to perform demanding tasks the Australian cattle dog is extremely alert Intelligent watchful and courageous Highly trustworthy and reliable they Have a tenacious sense of Duty loyal to Their owners and wary of strangers they Are fiercely productive when used as a Watchdog although they are not barkers The Australian Cattle Dog tends to be Aggressive with other dogs and may Display dominance and herding behaviors Toward children Can your dog keep up with these Smarties Thanks so much for watching and don’t Forget to subscribe to our channel for More fun loving animal content

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