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Do you know about toy dog breeds? 🐩 If you are interested in a adopting a breed of smaller size, don’t miss this video in AnimalWised where we bring you our list of the Top 10 TOY DOG BREEDS. We explain about the smallest dog breeds in the world and also share some fun facts and characteristics about each one.


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Today officially recognized dog breeds Are classified in five sizes giant large Medium small and toy Despite the specific categorization it’s Common to confuse small and toy dog Breeds the international sign illogical Federation and other international Canine organizations usually consider Toy dogs to be those which weigh a Maximum of 3 kilograms since it is not Always easy to classify a dog as small Or toy animal why shares are listed the Top 10 toy dog breeds so you can get an Idea of what to expect Yorkshire Terrier one of the most Popular miniature toy dog breeds is the Yorkshire Terrier as an adult their Maximum weight is around 3 kilos Although there have been recorded cases Of Yorkies weighing up to 7 kilograms This dog is characterized by having a Medium long coat of brown silver and Grey which is smooth and very silky they Are relatively easy to care for and Educate and their character is one of Extreme affection and even Overprotectiveness with their family Chihuahua another of the most popular Miniature toy dogs is the Chihuahua this Small breed originates in Mexico First discovered in the state of Chihuahua and domesticated by the Indigenous people there today we can Find several types of Chihuahua which

Can weigh between 1.5 and 4 kilograms it Is a very territorial and possessive dog With their human Guardians defending Them despite their small size with a Good education they can still become a Very affectionate and sweet dog Prag Ratter the Prag rata is a breed of mini Toy dog with a weight between a kilo and A half and 3 kilos hello it’s ideal Width is 2.6 kilograms they are Characterized by their black and tan Coat color although they can have other Varieties with variations of blue Chocolate lilac red and merle Additionally is one of the dog breeds Which sheds the least their character Stands out for being affectionate Obedient active and intelligent toy Poodle the toy poodle is one of the most Popular and much appreciated dog breeds Known for their goodness and adorability Currently there are 4 variants of poodle Large medium dwarf and toy the weight of The toy poodle is usually between two And two and a half kilos one of the World’s smartest dogs they are very Obedient active and playful Papillon the Papillon known as the squirrel dog and Butterfly dog due to their distinctive Tail and ears respectively is a popular Toy dog breed which weighs between 1 and 5 kilos depending on the weight and size Of their parents the patio is an easy Dog to train since they are very

Intelligent and obedient for such a Small dog they are a great Guardian Before continuing don’t forget to Subscribe to the animal wise channel to Stay up-to-date on dog breeds their care And curiosities of the animal Miniature bull terrier as we have said Before some dogs are difficult to Classify this is the case of the Miniature bull terrier despite being of Toy size they can weigh between 9 and 16 Kilograms this is because it is a very Muscular dog this breed stands out for Being sweet and special although it is Not recommended for beginners as they Require a lot of time and patience when Training Pomeranian the Pomeranian is a Small lion like dog which is very Popular in European countries weighing Between one point eight and two point Five kilograms they have a practically Hyper allergenic coat which is long and Silky as for their character they are Usually very affectionate and require a Lot of attention from humans Maltese the Maltese is another of the smallest dogs In the world weighing around three Kilograms their character stands out for Being cheerful and fun in addition they Are usually very affectionate with their Human companions so much they may need To be in constant company polonaise the Bolognese has a similar appearance to The toy poodle and the Maltese they

Usually weigh less and four kilograms And are characterized by having a pure White coat and arched tail and long hair Form in tights they are a dog that is Usually can do sile affectionate loyal And intelligent Italian Greyhound also Known as the Italian sight owned the Italian Greyhound is one of the five Smallest dog breeds in the world Although they resemble other greyhounds They are much smaller weighing less than Four kilos this dog stands out for being Loyal kin and faithful Unfortunately Italian Greyhounds were Subjected to a process whereby they were Bred selectively small between the 19th And 20th centuries this has had negative Consequences for their health including Physical deformation if you want to know More about selective breeding that is Used to get smaller dogs we share here And in the description a video about Teacup dogs in which we explain how this Affects their health and why you should Never have one if you have any other toy Dogs you would like to share please do So in the comments if you enjoyed the Video give us a like and don’t forget to Subscribe we’ll see you next time [Music]

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