Top 5 Hypoallergenic Dog Food for Allergies – Allergies In Dogs

Like humans, dogs can be allergic to a variety of substances. This video will teach you about the most common allergens for dogs and how to identify an allergy in your pup. We’ll cover the top five hypoallergenic dog foods for allergies and which ingredients might trigger your dog’s allergies.

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Like humans dogs can be allergic to a Variety of substances This video will teach you about the most Common allergens for dogs and how to Identify an allergy in your pup We’ll cover the top 5 hypoallergenic dog Foods for allergies and which Ingredients might trigger your dog’s Allergies Has your dog been itching and scratching Himself or been displaying an array of Tummy troubles allergens in his food Could be the culprit many of the Allergens that afflict people can also Trigger an allergic reaction from dogs Pollen and dust are common allergens but Some dogs exhibit allergies to poison Ivy cats and even their people and dogs Can be allergic to food as well just Like us Food allergies in dogs True food allergies may not be as common As people think according to American Kennel Club Chief veterinarian officer Dr Jerry Klein true food allergies Result in an immune response which can Range in symptoms from skin conditions Such as hives facial swelling and Itchiness gastrointestinal signs such as Vomiting or diarrhea or a combination of Both in some rare cases a severe Reaction resulting in anaphylaxis can Occur similar to severe peanut allergies In humans

What most people mean when they say that Their dog has a food allergy is that Their dog has a food sensitivity also Known as a food intolerance Food sensitivities unlike true allergies Do not involve an immune response and Are instead a gradual reaction to an Offending ingredient in your dog food For example beef chicken eggs corn wheat Soy or milk Dogs with food sensitivities can present With several symptoms including Gastrointestinal signs such as vomiting And diarrhea or dermatologic signs like Itchiness poor skin and coat and chronic Ear or foot infections The best way to diagnose and treat a Food allergy is to work with your Veterinarian to manage your dog’s Symptoms and discover the ingredient Causing the reaction So what type of dog food are best for Allergies The best dog foods for allergies are Available in two recipe designs limited Ingredient diets And hypoallergenic dog foods Limited ingredient diets are diets that Contain fewer items which can make it Easier to pin down the specific Ingredient known as allergen to which Your pet may be allergic Hypoallergenic dog foods are different They’re made with protein that’s been

Split into its basic nutrient building Blocks This hydrolyzed protein can make the Allergen virtually invisible to your Pet’s immune system so your dog is less Likely to have an allergic reaction to The food The sixth most common food allergens in Dogs according to veterinarians at Veterinary Centers of America include Beef chicken eggs dairy soy and wheat Gluten Now let’s take a look at the five best Hypoallergenic dog food for allergies At number one we have Wellness simple Limited ingredient diet rating 5 out of 5 stars This Wellness product line contains Above average protein below average fat And above average carbs when compared to Other dried dog foods Even when you consider the protein Boosting effect of the peas and flaxseed This looks like the profile of a kibble Containing a notable amount of meat the Bottom line Wellness simple limited ingredient diet Includes both grain inclusive and grain Free dry dog foods using a notable Amount of name meats and meals as their Dominant source of protein thus earning The brand four and a half Stars Highly recommend this one At number two we have Nom Nom fresh

Rating four and a half out of five stars The first five ingredients include Ground pork russet potatoes green beans Squash and kale Based on its ingredients alone Nom Nom Looks like an above average fresh dog Food the dashboard displays a dry matter Protein reading of 37 percent a fat Level of 17 percent an estimated Carbohydrates of 39 percent This means above average protein above Average fat and below average carbs when Compared to other moist dog foods So does this mean Nom Nom is a good dog Food The dog food advisor finds nomnom to be An exceptional fresh human grade wet dog Food This grain inclusive recipe uses a Significant amount of name Meats as its Main source of animal protein thus Earning the brand four and a half Stars An excellent limited ingredient recipe And a solid place to start an at-home Illumination diet At number three we have Canada grain Free pure limited ingredient rating 5 Out of 5 stars The first five ingredients are salmon Salmon meal menhaden fish meal sweet Potatoes and peas Based on these ingredients alone Canada Grain free pure dog food looks like an Above average dry product

The dashboard displays a dry matter Protein reading of 36 percent a fat Level of 20 percent and estimated Carbohydrates of about 36 percent This means above average protein near Average fat and below average carbs when Compared to a typical dry dog food [Music] Canada grain free pure is a dry dog food Using a significant amount of name Meats As its dominant source of animal protein Thus earning the brand five stars A high quality recipe ideally for adult Dogs At number four we have Taste of the Wild Prey limited ingredient dog food rating 4 out of 5 Stars the first Five ingredients include beef lentils Tomato pumice chicken fat and natural Flavorings Based on these ingredients alone Taste Of the Wild prey dog food looks like an Above average dry product As a group of the brand features average Protein content of 31 a mean fat level Of 17 percent together these figures Suggest a carbohydrate content of 44 for The overall product line This means above average protein near Average fat and below average carbs when Compared to a typical dry dog food Taste of the Wild prey is a grain-free Limited ingredient dry dog food using a Moderate amount of name Meats as its

Dominant source of animal protein thus Earning the brand four stars At number five we have Purina Pro Plan Veterinary diets H.A chicken flavor Rating four and a half out of five stars The first five ingredients are corn Starch hydrogelized soy protein isolate Partially hydrogenated canola oil Preserved with tbhq Coconut oil and powdered cellulose Although this is a prescription product Our review has nothing to do with the Accuracy of claims made by the Manufacturer as to the product’s ability To treat or cure a specific health Condition So to find out whether or not this dog Food is appropriate for your particular Pet it’s important to consult your Veterinarian With that understanding based on its Ingredients alone Purina Pro Plan Veterinary diets h a looks like a below Average dry kibble The dashboard displays a dry matter Protein reading of 20 a fat level of Nine percent and estimated carbohydrates Of about 63 percent This means below average protein Below average fat and above average Carbs when compared to a typical dry dog Food Because of its hypoallergenic design This particular recipe contains no meat

Or any other source of animal protein So all essential amino acids appear to Be provided by the hydrogenized protein Ingredient An exceptional selection for sensitive Dogs This is highly recommended Food allergies in dogs are uncommon but When they do occur the symptoms can make Your canine pal very uncomfortable Unfortunately there is no cure for Allergies the best treatment is simply Avoiding the causes of allergic Reactions if your dog is currently Having an allergic reaction however There are medicines that can be used to Stop symptoms and help your dog feel More comfortable The best preventative care for allergic Reactions is to avoid the source of the Allergy once you determine what causes The reactions be sure that you only Purchase food and treats that do not Include the ingredients that your dog is Allergic to It can be stressful to see your dog Having skin or ear infections and Itching as a result of a food allergy And not know what to do However with the right attention to your Dog’s diet and consultation with the vet You can rest assured that you are doing What you can to avoid flare-ups and keep Your dog healthy and happy Thanks so much for watching y’all don’t

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