πŸ• Does your dog have diarrhea? While treatment of this symptom will require veterinary intervention, there are supportive measures you can take to help ease your dog’s diarrhea and brig them back to help. At AnimalWised we look at treating diarrhea in dogs at home so you can know how to best improve your dog’s gastrointestinal health and general well-being.


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Diarrhea in dogs is a symptom of many Health problems which vary in severity We need to take them to a veterinarian To determine the cause and follow their Advice closely at animal wise we provide Some information on how to support a dog With diarrhea at home to complement These Therapies [Music] Maintain hydration episodes of diarrhea Are associated with some degree of Dehydration a problem which can be Especially serious in puppies in cases Of severe dehydration intravenous fluid Therapy will be required to stabilize The animal in mild and short-term Conditions dehydration can be reversed By administering a rehydration solution There are commercial products in the Market for this purpose although they Can also be made at home to prepare a Homemade rehydration serum for dogs take A quart of mineral water add two Tablespoons of sugar or honey and a Small teaspoon of salt once dissolved The solution should be offered several Times an R for the dog to recover the Liquid they lost if the animal does not Want to consume it voluntarily it can be Administered with a syringe into the Mouth the syringe must be inserted Through the corner of the lip and the Serum administered slowly to avoid Choking

Soft diet in dogs with acute diarrhea It’s important to provide a highly Digestible low-fat low fiber diet there Are also commercial feeds formulated for This purpose but you can make homemade Recipes with boiled chicken rice and Carrots medium chain triglycerides can Be added to provide an easily Assimilated source of calories until They return to health the total daily Food should be rationed into three or Four daily portions to avoid intestinal Overload if the animal improves after Four or five days the soft diet should Be mixed with the usual food to favor The transition back to the normal diet You find animal wise helpful remember That a super thanks can help us continue Creating the content you enjoy Change of diet there is a type of Chronic diarrhea known as diet Responsive diarrhea which disappears After starting dietary changes the Treatment is based on administering a Diet with a new source of protein that The animal has never eaten whether it is A commercial feed or homemade if your Dog has chronic diarrhea a change in Protein can make a difference however This is something you will need to speak About to your veterinarian and results May take time Discover the four types of food for dogs In the info video we share above

Probiotics maintaining gut health by Balancing the healthy microorganisms in A dog’s gastrointestinal system can help Relieve diarrhea and improve overall Health although more research is Required we know that probiotics can Help balance the intestinal microbiota And potentially reduce the effect of Opportunistic pathogens these probiotics Will need to be administered after Consulting a veterinarian about your Specific dog If you want to continue learning about Other Veterinary tips for dogs don’t Miss the playlist We Share here let us Know if you find any of these tips Useful and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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