Treating DIARRHEA in PUPPIES at Home ๐Ÿถ 4 Ways to Stop Puppy Diarrhea

๐Ÿ• It is important to note that treating diarrhea in puppies at home is not a replacement for veterinary diagnosis and treatment. These tips to help puppies with diarrhea can be used as complementary treatment. Approximately 10-25% of puppies suffer from digestive problems during their first year of life, so let AnimalWised share our tips on caring for puppies with diarrhea at home.


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While the cause of diarrhea in puppies Needs to be diagnosed and treated by a Qualified veterinarian animal wise Reveals the supportive treatments you Can carry out at home to help them along [Music] Treating diarrhea in puppies at home Between 10 and 25 percent of puppies Suffer from digestive problems during Their first year of Life as a symptom Diarrhea is especially common during a Puppy’s weaning stage this is due to Many reasons including the structural Functional microbial and enzymatic Changes in digestion caused by Transitioning from milk to solid food Puppies also go through an immune Gap Phase when weaning during which they are More susceptible to infectious disease Even their separation from their mother Can cause significant stress that Affects the metabolism immune system and Intestinal function of puppies discover How to care for a puppy in the first Info video we share above diarrhea in Puppies is a major issue as it can lead To stunted growth and increases Mortality rates young animals are Especially vulnerable because they can Become easily dehydrated whenever an Episode of diarrhea is detected in Puppies it’s vital we go to a Veterinarian urgently to address the Problem as early as possible

They will be able to determine the cause And provide the most appropriate course Of treatment Our home treatment for diarrhea tips are Complementary to this treatment not a Replacement for it Rehydration solution Diarrhea in puppies is always associated With some degree of dehydration Something which is especially serious in Puppies with severe dehydration clinical Treatment is required in the form of Intravenous fluid therapy in mild or Short-term diarrhea conditions Dehydration can be reversed by Administering a rehydration solution There are commercial products you can Purchase in a pet store for this purpose But they can be made at home if this is Unavailable to prepare homemade Rehydration solution at home you can Dilute two tablespoons of sugar or honey Along with a small teaspoon of salt and A liter of water Once prepared you should offer the Solution to the puppy several times in R Until they can recover the fluid they Lost if the animal doesn’t want to Consume it voluntarily we can administer It with an oral syringe insert the tip Of the syringe through the corner of the Lip and administer slowly to avoid Choking if you like animal wise remember That a super thanks can help us continue

Creating the content you enjoy Avoid fasting Fasting is a common home remedy which Many Guardians will recommend for Diarrhea but there is no study that Adequately demonstrates this as Effective treatment what has been Demonstrated is their effectiveness of Maintaining a suitable diet during acute Diarrhea it helps maintain the Integrity Of the digestive tract by reducing the Destruction of intestinal villi as well As improving intestinal permeability and Bacterial translocation Highly digestible diet instead of Fasting it’s preferable to provide a low Fat and highly digestible diet you can Opt for a gastrointestinal feed Specifically designed for diarrhea and Puppies ideally we should opt for a wet Feed to facilitate digestion Alternatively you can provide a homemade Diet of chicken or turkey with no Carbohydrates this can be given for Between 5 to 10 days [Music] Portion control in order to avoid Digestive overload it’s important to Divide their daily food ration into four Or five small meals you provide the same Amount of food but Aid digestion If you want to continue learning about Other Veterinary advice for dogs don’t Miss the playlist We Share here

Let us know if you’ve ever had to care For a sick puppy and what you did to Help check back for more helpful dog Care videos and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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