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๐Ÿ• Distemper in dogs or canine distemper is one of the most serious diseases form which a dog can suffer. In this AnimalWised video, we focus on explaining some of the home remedies for distemper in dogs. Diagnosis and subsequent treatment for canine distemper needs to be established by a qualified veterinarian, but there are things we can do to support the dog and manage symptoms.


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The diagnosis and subsequent treatment For canine distemper needs to be Established by a qualified veterinarian As we follow their guidelines animalwise Explains what you can do to support the Recovery of a dog with distemper at home [Music] Lower the fever animals with fever are Susceptible to dehydration for this Reason it’s vitally important to Encourage the dog to drink if they Refuse to drink water we can consult With a veterinarian about the Possibility of administrating it with a Syringe cold compresses may also be Helpful we wet a cloth wring it out well And gently rub the belly of the animal If they don’t want to eat it’s essential We try to get our dog to eat as their Recovery will depend on it it’s Advisable to buy wet food as it’s easier To digest we will offer it in small Quantities we can heat it a little or Add dog safe broth to help make it more Appetizing we shouldn’t limit ourselves To a single type of food as variety can Also help Cough remedies cough treatment is a form Of symptom management we start by Cleaning the home with enzymatic Products to remove dust dirt or other Organic matter we should avoid smoking In their presence if possible we can Increase the air humidity by using an

Air humidifier or taking them into the Bathroom while we have a hot shower we Can also ask the veterinarian about the Option of administrating antitussives Remedies for vomiting canine distemper Often causes gastrointestinal infection Resulting in damage to the dog’s stomach After vomiting food should be restricted For a few hours we can then offer small Amounts of food every four hours this Should preferably be wet food or a soft Food feed for dogs such as mixing two Parts cooked rice with one part boiled Skinless chicken never add salt Remedies for diarrhea In this case it’s advisable to restrict Food intake for a few hours avoid stress And anxiety and once again opt for a Soft feed or wet food we can offer them Food every four hours in small Quantities we will also try to hydrate Them by encouraging them to drink or Wetting their nose slightly promote General cam and tranquility If they are shaking tremors are very Common in dogs with canine distemper They usually affect the extremities Especially the hind limbs but also the Cranial area with chewing movements Being observed it can also appear when The dog is sleeping in the most serious Cases we will see they are also unable To walk in no case will we force them to Move if they don’t want to we will allow

Them to rest in a soft and comfortable Place Find out some tips to promote general Health and longevity for your dog in the Info video above If they have seizures the veterinarian Will prescribe the dog any necessary Drugs such as antibiotics and Phenobarbital either intravenously Orally or intramuscularly they need a Lot of rest and peace during their Recovery it’s important not to upset Them and to keep them as relaxed as Possible If they cry a lot we must be especially Patient and affectionate offering them Regular attention so they feel safe Accompanied and loved in no case we will Yell at or punish them we must know that By trying to improve their well-being we Can have a direct impact on a better Prognosis we will try to make the rest Area comfortable make the food as Digestible and tasty as possible as well As spend time petting them and being by Their side If they have trouble breathing we will Start by cleaning any nasal discharge Which is usually green and purulent with A gauze pad and warm water we need to Offer them a bowl of broth each day Since the heat helps unclog congested Sinuses always ensure it is without salt Garlic or onion we can also improve the

Humidity of the environment with a Humidifier or taking our dog to the Bathroom when we shower Likewise we can use a sterile saline Solution sold in pharmacies which will Help us unclog the sinuses and reduce Irritation if their eyes have discharged The secretions will decrease as we Administer antibiotics prescribed by the Veterinarian to our dog but it will Still be important to remove them using Sterile gauze moistened in warm water Even more effective and sterile is the Use of an otech cleaning solution sold In pharmacies If you want to continue learning about Other veterinary advice for dogs don’t Miss the playlist we share here let us Know if you have any experiences with Canine distemper by sharing your story In the comments and we’ll see you next Time

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