Weekly and daily health checks for your pet bird – Bucktons Care Guide

Bucktons brings you a series of video care guides for you and your pet bird. Here, we look at weekly and daily health checks for your pet bird.

Our video care guides have been developed with our nutritional and veterinary experts, and based on comprehensive research, so we can provide you with all the information you need for a happy and healthy pet bird.

Human hi I’m Matt Brown I’ve been a vet For over 25 years working in a zoo as a Domestic and exotic vet looking after People’s pets and also helping our Natural wildlife having a pet parrot is A bit like having a three-year-old child And you’re in charge of their health Care it’s really important to get used To a daily and a weekly health check I Recommend starting first thing in the Morning have a look look how they’re Looking are they sitting upright do they Look fluffed up and miserable and Unhappy almost like they’ve got a Hangover Do they look bright and alert have a Look underneath look at the droppings Make sure there isn’t a cloud of Feathers underneath and then get them Out and give them a good once-over come On then oh you’re very clever Peavy see How well they’re gripping onto you nice Tight grip indicates that they’re Feeling strong and healthy then I always Start at the top end eyes are they Bright and clear nostrils nice and clean No discharge does everybody look right In the mouth is the beak looking okay And then just run a hand down their back And have a quick look at their feathers Do they look nice and clean and they’ve Got no problems on them once a week I Like to do a more in-depth health check Including weighing so I pop peely onto a

Homemade bird stand on the scales come On there we go and just see what she Weighs weighing your bird once a week is A good way of keeping an eye on their Condition but link it into feeling over Them check for any lumps or bumps and Make sure everything’s just right So as a take-home message make sure you Check them over on a daily and a weekly Basis always have a really good look at Their feathers and get into the habit Away if you’d like more information go To buttons or Co dot uk’ there’s lots of Really useful stuff there

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