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In our weird cats compilation from AnimalWised, we show some weird cat behavior explained. If you have ever wondered why your cat throws things on the floor, why they lick you only to bite you one second later, or why they are generally acting weird, we have the answers for you.

If you’ve ever seen your cat knock Things onto the ground for no reason Bump their head against you repeatedly Or generally act weird it’s Understandable you’d want to know why Our weird cats video compilation from Animal wise explains some of the Weirdest cat behaviors If you have any valuables kept above Ground level we find out why it’s Important to keep them tightly secured With our first weird cat behavior video Their way cat’s room wherever they want And if they find something in the middle Of their path that blocks them they will Move it out of the way they will do this When avoiding objects they do not like The look of this is more common in cats That are overweight as they have a Harder time moving or jumping in this Case the best thing you can do is remove Anything fragile in the places where Your feline usually walks for example if They always climb the mantelpiece make Sure their path is clear If your cat is overweight of course you Should follow an exercise routine and be Careful with their Dives They are bored if your cat is bored Because they don’t release all their Energy through play and exercise they May choose to destroy your home in Addition to scratching and climbing all Over the place it’s possible they will

Decide to throw items to the ground for Their own entertainment to stop throwing Things out of boredom you will have to Tire them out and play with them you can Provide more toys and even prepare their Own play space for them to enjoy Distraction with an adjustable Scratching post they can spend hours Entertaining themselves especially if You hang toys from them Discover other symptoms of a boiled cat And what to do to solve this problem in The video that we shared here They want to get your attention Yes it may be a strange way to get your Attention but throwing things is quite Normal when your cat wants something From you your feline knows that every Time they throw something you always go To see what happened they do it because It is the most effective way of getting Your attention if you see your cat Through something while they stare at You waiting for your reaction ignore Them and continue with what you were Doing besides ignoring them you’ll have To spend more time together interact and Play with them this way they will have The attention they need without Destroying anything and you will create A much stronger Bond why does my cat Lick me and then bite me while it might Not seem like affection being licked and Then bitten by your cat may not be as

Strange as it seems keep watching to Learn more [Music] Even with experienced Guardians it’s not Always easy to understand what our cats Are trying to say Therefore it’s essential we learn about Ethology consult our veterinarian about Any doubts and above all be attentive to Our cat’s body language What do biting and licking mean There’s no single way to interpret the Licking and biting of cats not even when They occur at the same time This is why we’ll try to explain in Detail the purposes Behind These Behaviors both of which are Characteristic of the species But before explaining more about these Behaviors don’t forget to subscribe to Our channel to know everything about the Animal kingdom Why do cats lick When a cat licks us especially licking Our hair they are carrying out grooming Behavior as they would to another cat It’s a very positive social behavior Which strengthens a bond with the owner And shows a desire to make us feel more Comfortable Cats also lick as a sign of affection On the other hand excessive and intense Licking can mean that something is not Going well indicating Stress and Anxiety

And why do they bite As with licking biting can have several Meanings They could be plain or angry Very scared or angry cats display a very Expressive constricted rigid and Bristled body language this is usually Accompanied by hissing warning meows and Curved backs biting in this instance is Not the same as biting carried out During play it takes place when they get Out of control They may also give warning bites to ask Us to stop bothering them Biting may also show affection but only With more controlled and repetitive Nibbles So why do cats lick and then bite Some cats can bite after licking us as a Warning signal to stop petting them Others May do it as a continued sign of Affection while some yet might do it as Part of grooming Behavior When cats clean each other they lick a Nibble to ensure thorough hygiene Meaning it might be completely normal For our cat to bite us a little when Grooming Us in these instances it is Completely normal and typical of the Species not a negative behavior What to do if the cat’s bite hurts it May happen that our cat by biting us Hurts us what should we do then the First thing we must highlight is that

Under no circumstances should we School Them since despite an unpleasant Situation our cat is carrying out normal Social behavior Ideally after they bite us we should Withhold interaction and attention If we are consistent and always follow The same pattern our cat should Eventually associate biting with the end Of an activity they enjoy They should learn to stop biting if they Want to continue their fun We should also remember to reinforce Positive behaviors with encouraging Interactions Why does my cat need me does your cat Ever treat you like bread do if you’ve Ever wondered why your cat needs you Like a pizza base we explain why in our Next weird cats video [Music] Cats begin kneading just after birth They perform this instinctive behavior On their mother’s nipples to stimulate Colostrum and milk production But what is needing By exerting pressure on the nipple area And extending and closing their Retractable Claws and repetition the Kitten activates milk production Kittens will continue to need the Mammary glands of their mother until Winning occurs at around three weeks of Life

This is a gradual process during which The mother cat will begin to reject her Kittens when they come to feed so they Can start proper water intake and eating Solid foods based on animal protein Although cats originally need for milk Here are five reasons they may continue This action Cats need when they are happy Alone kneading purring or meowing are Considered behaviors of a cat’s early Stages cats make positive associations With them and will continue to perform Them when they feel comfortable and Happy in their adult life needing is a Comforting Behavior which also suggests That the cat enjoys physical interaction And has good emotional well-being [Music] Cats need when they have an emotional Bond why do cats need people and not Just other cats It’s important to note that Well-socialized felines will enjoy human Company When they are in a relaxing context in The comfort of an individual they enjoy They are more likely to need as a means Of showing affection they can also do it With dogs and other pets if they have Been socialized with them also [Music] Cats need to rest better You may have also observed this behavior

In other contexts when they’re not in The company of another person or animal You may have seen them do this before They sleep Once again we’re witnessing an Instinctive behavior of the species Which pregnant cats generally carry out When they’re preparing for kittens However it can also be done by male or Non-pregnant females when they’re on a Surface they don’t consider comfortable Enough If you see a cat needing a blanket or Even yourself before resting they are Probably trying to make the space more Comfortable [Music] Cats need to stretch It’s no secret that cats love to stretch Each and every muscle in their body Whether on top of you or somewhere else The cat will take the opportunity to Stretch after a relaxing time needing in Satisfaction Cats need to Mark with pheromones Synthetic pheromones are increasingly Being used to appease and generate Well-being in cats Did you know cats emit their own Pheromones these animals secrete Chemical compounds through certain Grounds to communicate with other Individuals of their species It is very likely when you have more

Than one cat they will decide to mark You as part of their territory so that Others can know you are their property They may also do this by rubbing their Chin cheeks or mouth area against you Why is my cat acting weird unfortunately Some weird cat behaviors are anything But funny our next video explains why Some Strange Behaviors in cats need us To take action [Music] Cats are very sensitive to the changes Which occur in their environment changes Which can lead to stress and behavioral Problems Some of these factors include moving Home a new family member strange signs In the home or even a new diet stress Symptoms vary they might start to hide Have a lack of appetite groom Excessively or even urinate outside of Their litter box Strange Behaviors are Often attributed to stress but it is Important to remember that we’ll need to Take the cat to a vet to rule out a Physical problem Stress is manageable through modifying Environmental factors such as providing Greater enrichment to do this we should Consult an ethologist or a veterinarian Specialized in feline behavior in this Video there are four more reasons a cat May act weird but before explaining them Don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel

Foreign Vaccination we may notice our cat acting Weird for about 24 hours this is normal And should not cause worry it’s a Combination of the physiological effects Of the vaccine as well as the stressful Experience of leaving the home going to A clinic and being injected the cat Should recover within a day and return To normal behavior although very rare The cat does not return to normal Behavior 24 hours after a vaccination You should contact the vet Some Cat Guardians are surprised when we See our cat acting strange especially When accompanied by meowing improper Urination increased aggression or Affection lying in strange positions or Rubbing against us excessively This is likely due to the cat’s heat Cycle something which can begin as soon As four months of age It can be both unexpected and Disconcerting for cat owners It’s a physiological process which will Happen throughout the cat’s life if There’s no intervention sterilization is Recommended to prevent unwanted Pregnancy as well as safeguarding their General Health and well-being Here with this link you will learn more About neutering a cat including the Advantages disadvantages price and more We also need to take into account the

Behavioral changes associated with age Kittens are full of energy and have a Desire to play so their play sessions Are very intense as they turn a few Months old it’s normal for their Activity to settle reduction of play Activity is especially noticeable when They get old In these cases it’s possibly due to the Effects of Aging including joint Deterioration systemic disease and more A complete Veterinary review every six To 12 months is recommended for cats Over six years of age When our cat is acting weird the first Thing we should consider is whether they Are sick we may notice our cat is moving Less spends more time lying down or goes Into hiding there may also decrease Social interaction reduce their grooming Or start vomiting None of these signs strongly point to a Specific disease this is why it’s Essential we go to a veterinarian when We observe abnormal symptoms so they can Achieve a correct diagnosis it may Indicate the cat is incubating a Pathological disease or they have a Chronic condition which doesn’t manifest In symptoms until it is in an advanced State Another possible reason which explains a Cat’s strange behavior is associated With depression

In any case it’s still important for the Veterinarian to diagnose the problem Correctly and treat either a behavioral Or physical problem appropriately Always consult a Specialists When You Observe abnormal or strange symptoms I hope you learned a little about why Your cat acts weird feel free to share Any other weird cat behaviors we missed By leaving a comment below and we’ll see You next time

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