Weird things my dog does that don’t make sense

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Thank you my Cockapoo puppy Ralph Learning to use his belt Bring it [Music] Lie down sit Lie down Sit sit Lie down Sit sit When your puppy steals you’re mad And then has the audacity to look you up And down Uh I Oh Coming in [Music] I think it’s okay It’s gonna be okay Sorry all right can I get two wins Against and uh planning honey thanks Cheers Here [Music] Oh sorry Oh Never met a dog who hates walking as Much as basil Foreign Come on It was at this moment that he knew he [ __ ] up They said it’d be fun I said All he does is either [ __ ] grass I Might as well have bought a lawnmower

Good day boy [Music] This is a video of me telling my diva Chihuahua That he’s stinky And that he needs a bath [Laughter] [Music] Oh no What do you want A truck you want what One more thing [Applause] [Applause] This is take It Free I’m tired of this Grandpa that’s too Damn bad Good morning good morning Sweetie [Music] Are you going back to bed Okay go ahead go sleep Now somebody anybody everybody everybody Screwed [Music] Um don’t don’t tell anyone I said this But uh You’re my favorite [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music]

Oh my God So yeah and this little ginger novice Just stared at me For me go get your mum you little ginger Bastard is coming Oh my God I want to take him home we can Put him in the truck we could put them In we could put them in the truck Look at him [Music] Chile found a secret spy hole so he knew Exactly when to tell the neighbors off For being in their own garden Foreign

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