What CATS Do When You’re Not HOME

What do our cats do when we’re not at home? Do they lead a double life? If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your cat while you’re away, this video is here to give a little insight. In this AnimalWised video, we not only explain what your cat does when you’re out the home, but also provide some tips to keep them entertained and provide environmental enrichment. Keep watching to find out more about what your cat does when you’re not at home.

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Have you ever wondered what your cat Does when you’re not at home Depending on your cat’s personality they May have certain preferences some choose To sleep eat and rest others like to Take advantage of the quiet and do Things they wouldn’t do when you’re Around if you want to know what your cat Does when they think no one’s watching An animal wise we can discover some of The most common activities of the home Alone feline [Music] Once you’re gone your cat will usually Go for a walk to ensure we’re not home Anymore They also love to patrol their territory And sniff out anything new or something They may have missed as cats are Notoriously curious animals cats sleep And therefore wake up several times a Day it’s no wonder they take advantage Of a lone time to continue with their Daily yoga postures but do you know why They do this as felines can sleep for up To 16 hours per day numbness in their Extremities can set in stretching Stimulates blood flow to help return Feeling and allows them to continue Their acrobatic lives with grace and Comfort the tranquility offered by a Silent and otherwise empty household Means cats can eat without stress or Worry to both improve environmental

Enrichment and to help them feel loved You can offer them a small portion of Wet food or pate before you leave the Door do you let your cat leave the house Freely or do you have to keep them Inside for security reasons some cat Guardians prefer for them not to leave Due to the dangers of the outside world Others couldn’t conceive of keeping the Cat cooped up either way since cats are Curious it’s not unusual for them to Travel up to 3 kilometres per day if the Cat cannot leave the home they will Still be interested in the world beyond The window and can spend a long time Staring out of one older cats can spend Up to 18 hours a day sleeping and Puppies 20 for older dogs it helps them To rest their tired bones and it Stimulates growth in the little ones Improving their well-being and Practicing their cognitive ability not All cats behave badly In fact most are quite calm and stable Even so some take advantage when no One’s around to do forbidding things Stealing food climbing on counters or Knocking things over are some commonly Mischievous behaviors after spending Several hours alone cats can get bored Although they are somewhat independent It’s important to remember there are Also social animals which need Interaction to be happy if your cat

Spends many R’s alone it might be a good Idea to adopt a second cat Although you should also invest in food Dispensing toys and intelligence games Which can help them to make better use Of their alone Some cats meow non-stop when we get home As a welcome others rub up against us to Cover us in their scent and some don’t Even bat an eyelid we might think this Behavior is dependent on the Relationship they have with their human But the truth is each cat is an Individual which will decide on how to Behave around you and show their love in Their own unique way do you have any Stories of your cat when they think no One is watching if so tell us about it In the comments like if you enjoyed the Video and subscribe for more to come We’ll see you next time [Music]

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