WHAT DO BATS EAT? 🦇 Type of BAT According to FOOD

🩸 In this AnimalWised video, we explain what bats eat. Not all chiroptera (mammal order of bars) feed on the same thing. We explain the different types of bat diet according to species and also tel you a little about their behavior and habitat. This is very important since what a bat eats depends largely on where they live and how they behave.

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[Music] Bats are nocturnal animals that coma Jessica dodge objects mid-flight by a Hypersensitive hearing however they are Often clumsy during the day when light Intimidates them throughout history bats Have been associated with various Supernatural beings and were believed to Feed in the blood of unfortunate human Beings but what do bats actually eat Animal wise explains all [Music] Characteristics and habitats the Characteristics and habitats of bats are Closely related to their way of life and Diet to know what they eat we need to Get to know them a little better that’s A type of animal known as chair of Turan By one of the few flying mammals as a Nocturnal animal they mainly orientate Themselves by echolocation using Ultrasound to find soft objects and Create an echo their large ears receive The echo and send a signal to the brain Transforming it into a sonic image Additionally their membranous wings help Them to skillfully dodge objects in Terms of habitats these animals are Distributed throughout the world Some live in abundance others are only Found in very specific ecosystems during The day they remain hanging upside down In dark and cool places such as caves Tree hollows and gaps and human

Constructed edifices when night falls They go in search of food Hello not always in winter since some Bat species hibernate some of these Mammals migrate to other climates Between summer and winter being able to Cover over 1,000 kilometres on each trip However others prefer to remain in the Same place year-round especially if Their food source is abundant bats can Be classified into the following types According to their diet but before Continuing don’t forget to subscribe to The animal wise channel to stay up to Date on all wild and domestic animals And for more information visit our Website at [Music] Insectivorous bats as the name indicates These are bats with a diet based on Insects mainly moths and flying beetles They can also hunt other arthropods such As spiders some prefer to live over Rivers in search of insects associated With water such as flies and mosquitoes One of the best-known insectivorous bats Is the common Pipistrel a regular tenant In residential roofs fruit bats fruit is The main foodstuff of fruit bats Something very abundant in tropical Climates occasionally they main Supplement their diet with insects or Pollen an example of this type of bat is The common proof bat abundant in South

And Central America [Music] Nectar eating fats many species have fat Feed in the nectar of some florists Which opened only at night the plants Which make up these flowers have a Symbiotic relationship with the bats Since they pollinate them however some Also eat the pollen leaves or even the Flowers of said plant the southern long Nose back is one of the best-known due To both its migrations and consumption Of agave nectar [Music] Vampire bats bats that feed on blood are Known as vampires and are the origin of The mythical beings of the same name the Common vampire bat is one of the most Abundant and feeds in the blood of other Invertebrates a curious fact is that This bat regurgitate some of the blood They ingest to share with their vampire Companions Fish eating bats known as piscivores These bats feed and freshwater fish During the dry season however during the Rainy season they mainly feed on insects Very occasionally they will also eat Scorpions crabs and tadpoles if you want To meet other exotic animals here and in The description we leave you a playlist So you can meet curious animals and Their characteristics what did you think Of this video did you know that there

Were so many types of bats if you liked It don’t forget to give us a like and Write your opinion in the comments we’ll See you next time [Music] You

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