What do CHICKENS Eat? – All About Feeding HENS

Do you want to know more about what CHICKENS EAT? πŸ‘‡πŸ” A hen’s diet is surprisingly varied since they eat everything from cereals to small rodents. This is because chickens are omnivorous animals which ea food of both animal and plant origin. In this AnimalWised video, we explain what chickens eat, which foods you can provide at home and what food is prohibited for chickens. In addition, we tell you how much hens eat so you can give your chickens the best level of care and ensure they never go hungry. To know more about keeping a chicken at home, take a look at the following article πŸ‘‰

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[Music] You know what chickens eat in this Animal wise video we talked in detail About feeding chickens their digestive System at the most appropriate diet for These birds Since many more people are considering Keeping chickens as companion animals we Need to know how to care for them Properly keep watching to find out more [Music] Chickens have no teeth for this reason They have an organ called a gizzard Small stones and gravel are located in The gizzard which act to grind the food Which chickens eat which they often do Whole if the chickens have outside Access they will eat enough grits to Make this organ work properly if they Don’t have this access or a too small Devoid site we will have to add this Mineral component to their diet we can Buy and specialized stores and sprinkle It on the food [Music] The veterinary food industry has made it Easier for us to feed chickens today we Can purchase products online which are Specifically designed to meet a Chicken’s dietary needs if we want to Offer a more natural diet we need to see What they would eat in the wild cereals Fruit and vegetables can be eaten but so Too can meat or fish chickens would also

Eat insects and even lizards in the wild So don’t be surprised that you see this Happening with you although they have Access to the outside fruit seeds etc These are only supplements to the Meantime we can even offer broken bread Pieces and cereals make up the majority Of their food if giving stale bread at Home you can sprinkle it with a little Water to ensure they are better able to Eat it almost any fresh food can be Included in a chicken’s diet but there Are some important exceptions occasional Consumption of these foods may have no Consequence but we recommend avoiding Foods such as onion avocado citrus Fruits tomato rhubarb leaves dried beans Or potato skins peeled tomatoes and Potatoes should be okay [Music] Chickens tend to peck throughout today While there is sunlight this is why they Should always have food at their Disposal depending on the space and type Of food we can leave it in a feeder give It to the chicken directly or spread it On the ground chickens also need plenty Of fresh clean water All hands lay eggs even if they do not Live with a rooster they are Unfertilized eggs so a chick will never Be born the amount of eggs produced per Day varies depending on the light and Living conditions of the hands feeding

Does not necessarily increase egg Production and of course we do not Recommend artificially increasing Daylight hours to do so to establish the Right level of care these chickens need To receive it’s essential to respect the Natural conditions of the species thus It’s important that chickens have access To the outside dusty surfaces to wallow Places to climb and sheltered areas to Rest it’s not appropriate to confine Chickens to cages to sleep it’s always Better to provide a space where they can Move freely so they can best be Comfortable now you know what to feed Chickens do you want to share any of Your experiences if so leave us a Comment like if you enjoyed the video And subscribe for more to come we’ll see You next time [Music] You [Music]

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