What does your dog do when you’re at work ?

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Just walked into the house Lumi Come here Oh I’m just gonna scooch in right here if You don’t mind uh [Music] Oh my Goodness oh my damn oh my goodness They’re going ham As you can see he likes to eat You we said We said Please Sit What do you say That what was that what do you say All right there you go To bed Go to bed Go on go to bed The Good point [Music] All the time Why the hell you look so damn happy this What you want Here [Applause] A massive scale what are you doing tilt The entire Are you stuck Are you stuck What are you doing

Huh How’d you do this There You’re free now you’re free now they say When you give your dog an egg they don’t Crack it [Music] Sit Good girl That’s it Good girl [Music] [Laughter] Well I’ve been down You die of [ __ ] again People have been calling my phone [Laughter] Pretty good Bella stop S [Music] It in Oh [Music] Any secondary’s going for it [Laughter] Today Boomin don’t move Yay I think he’s just getting comfy Hey come on buddy I know you’re sleepy Tonight oh I’m tired lay down baby come On lay down You’re tired tonight I know it was a Monday

Tough Monday there you go good night Simba I love you Don’t talk to me I’ll murder you All the pain in my heart [Music] Move it Baby

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