What FOOD is Best for My DOG? ๐Ÿถโœ… (5 Tips)

๐Ÿˆ If you are unsure what to look for in dog food, AnimalWised provides what factors you need to consider when choosing your brand. Not only do we need to buy a quality feed, but we need to consider the individual needs of our dog. In doing so, we can best understand the question what food is best for my dog?


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[Music] Food is one of the basic pillars of our Canines health For this reason knowing how to choose a Quality feed is essential if we want to Have a healthy and long-lived dog In this animal-wise video we give you The best keys to recognize A quality dog food [Music] Look at the main ingredient on the label Of commercial feed you will see an Ingredient list A good quality feed will consist majorly Of animal protein such as chicken Beef lamb salmon or turkey specifically It should contain at least 20 to 40 Percent meat or fish Although ideally the amount of animal Protein should be as high as possible The label should qualify the type of Protein for example it should specify That the feed contains chicken meat Which is not the same as other Ingredients such as chicken meal A highly processed food the reason for This is because commercial dog food is Not regulated the same as human food The manufacturer can use any part of the Animal and still refer to it as chicken Well this doesn’t necessarily mean the Product isn’t of quality it often means We are unsure Chicken mail is the term used for

Chicken which has been dehydrated and Ground into flour Often without us knowing which part of The animal is used These are often of low nutritional value And indicate the feed is poor quality We must not only look at the percentage Of ingredients but also the quality Keep in mind that chicken meat is not The same as an animal byproduct If the manufacturer indicates that more Than 20 of the ingredients are fresh Dehydrated or hydrolyzed meat it’s a High quality feed Otherwise if the label indicates animal Byproducts as the main ingredients Keep in mind that it refers to parts of Animals that are not suitable for human Consumption So you’ll be looking at a poor quality Feed avoid feed with a high percentage Of cereals Many feed manufacturers use cereals to Lower costs and obtain more profits But the truth is that not all cereals Are equally nutritious for our dog Rice is the most recommended cereal but Always in small quantities Cereals are not an essential ingredient To a dog’s diet so you can also opt for A feed without any cereals if you prefer Especially if you’ve noticed that your Dog has digestive problems when eating Them

The important thing as always is know The individual needs of your dog Remember that the order of the Ingredients matters if you notice the First ingredient that appears is a Cereal It will mean that it is the main one and Therefore it will not be a feed we can Consider Quality check the rest of the Ingredients although the ideal feed Should be composed mainly of meat and Fish We can find other ingredients that are Also positive for the dog Such as fruits vegetables or legumes These foods are also beneficial as long As they appear in lower percentages In a quality feed they will be present At the end of the ingredient list Occupying a maximum of 10 to 15 of the Total In general it’s best if the ingredient List is as clear and transparent as Possible If it is loaded with ingredients that You do not know because their names are Strange to you It may be a low quality feed look at the Calories it contains when choosing a Good feed for your dog It’s important to also look at the Calories it contains a quality feed Always specifies its caloric value

Since it is important to avoid obesity In our dog in this way Our dog will need to consume more or Less calories depending on their Physical activity For example if your dog is very active It’s advisable to opt for a feed that Has more than 300 calories per 100 grams In any case we advise you consult your Veterinarian Take into account the size of the dog The size of the dog also matters If our dog is a small breed we should Look for a feed designed for dogs of This size If we feed them with a product designed For medium or large sized dogs it can Cause problems such as difficulty when Chewing Damage to teeth and gums or choking in The same way Feeding small cable to a large dog can Cause other problems especially eating Too fast and not chewing properly Choose a feed that has the right size Cable for our dog’s size Choose a feed according to the age of The dog puppies adults and senior dogs Have different nutritional needs Puppy food is specially formulated for Dogs less than one year old It contains a greater amount of Essential nutrients for development such As calcium

The same happens with older dogs that do Not have the same rhythm of life as Younger dogs For senior dogs it’s necessary to choose A feed that is specially formulated for Dogs that don’t expend much energy In addition to other factors after Learning these guidelines you still Haven’t found the best feed for your dog In this video we provide some tricks That your dog gets used to their new Diet All these tips are focused on feeding Healthy dogs if your dog suffers from a Health problem and needs to receive a Specific diet It should be your veterinarian who Decides what is the best Tell us do you usually read the Ingredient label before buying dog food Let us know in the comments and we’ll See you next time

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