What is the Right Insurance For Your Pet Care Business?

The right insurance for your pet care business will protect you and your pet business from financial loss. Even in a well-run pet care business there are many liability exposures to consider. If you own a pet sitting business, pet boarding business dog grooming or dog daycare business, insurance is often the first place you turn to in the aftermath of an incident or claim against your business.

In this video, we explain 4 coverages in a commercial general liability policy that will specifically benefit you as an pet care business owners and help your business be successful.

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In this video i’m going to discuss Insurance for your pet care business So many pet care business owners don’t Realize the importance of insurance and The many different coverages that are Available and should be using so in this Video i’m going to discuss The four standard coverages that are Found inside of a commercial general Liability policy and how they could Benefit you and your business and then I’m going to give you my recommendation On where you could go to get the right Business insurance so first and foremost Is going to be Third party bodily injury so imagine That your client is bringing his dog to Your place of business and on the way he Accidentally slips Or trips Over some equipment that’s cluttered on Your property Falls and injures his elbow and it keeps Him out of his job Since you have general liability you Could make a claim for your client’s Loss of income so it’s those common slip Trip and fall situations and it’s Usually one of the first coverages you Think about when considering business Insurance Next is going to be third party property Damage so let’s say you’re out walking Your client’s dog

And your and the dog accidentally knocks Over an expensive planner planter Outside of a coffee shop and the coffee Shop owner demands compensation Since you have general liability you Could make a claim so that you wouldn’t Have to pay for that out of pocket Next is going to be legal defense So even if you do everything right in Your business you’re still held liable To unfounded claims So imagine that you Offer pet grooming services as a part of Your business And your client alleges that your poor Grooming services Caused them to lose out on a 10 000 Grand prize At a regional dog show and they demand Compensation for the loss now you know That you have done everything right this Has never happened to you before but you May need to hire a lawyer to defend Yourself and since you have general Liability it could help you with the Legal defense and help you defend Yourself if you had a claim Last but certainly not least is going to Be medical payments So let’s go back to that client with the Hurt elbow And let’s say he’s going to need an Operation it looks like it’s going to be Expensive and you’re on the hook for the

Copay since you have commercial general Liability you could make a claim for his Operation the co-pay so again you avoid Paying that Out of pocket so now that you know some Of the coverages that are going to help Protect you and your pet care business i Want to give you a recommendation on Where you could go to get the right Insurance plan and the next steps to Coverage is as simple as a few clicks Below in the description box of this Video or feel free to give our agency a Call we always recommend Talking through with an agent or broker To make sure that you get the right Insurance plan for you Our telephone number is 858-277-1585 Thanks so much and i’ll see you on the Other side [Music]

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