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Foreign Why do you choose violence Thank you very much that’s much better Why are you so small why are you so Small why are you so tiny Why are you so little hey little guy Foreign The bottom line is we need to get a dog For protection like if someone tried to Break into our house I’d want to make Sure that they were immediately Terrified How the have you managed to get in There Excuse me I’m just gonna scooch it right Here if you don’t mind okay Thank you Belle what are you doing Hey hello hello How are you look at that tail [Music] Can you stop giving attitude please Foreign Are you supposed to be on the bed [Music] Foreign Are you in the driving seat Are you you’re gonna take me to see the Sheep Look at that face Foreign I don’t want to hear that anymore You’re very very loud Foreign

I love them Foreign Take your morning poopers Wait for it [Music] Let’s go [Music] Okay Um excuse me sir I’m sorry to interrupt Your afternoon squirrel Patrol I need to Ask you a quick question Um how does it feel to be deemed Inherently aggressive can’t be trusted Around children can’t be trusted around Other dogs not allowed certain public Places Um all because of the way that you look You care to offer a comment Pick him nice thing Don’t Nobody Nice What do you think Is that your new buddy

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