What to Do If My DOG BITES Another DOG? 🐶⚡🐶

🐕 Has your dog attacked another dog on the street during a walk? In this AnimalWised video, we provide 6 practical tips on what to do if your dog bites another dog. Certain contexts can trigger a fight between two or more individuals. Before you have time to do anything, your dog then attacks and bites another dog. In this situation, you must know how to act quickly and precisely to prevent the situation from getting worse . Find out what to do and what happens if your dog attacks another dog on the street.


Why Does My DOG BITE other DOGS? (7 Reasons) 🐶⚠️ 👉

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Even if a dog isn’t otherwise aggressive Certain situations can result in two Dogs fighting animal wise provides Practical advice on what to do if your Dog bites another dog [Music] Keep cam while the situation can be Alarming it’s essential we keep cam During a dogfight in order to think Clearly you should not yell at the dogs Or try to hit to separate them this will Only cause the animals more stress and Worse in the situation Try to get your dog’s attention if the Conflict is not serious a distraction May cause one of the two dogs to stop Fighting try calling your dog in a Cheerful voice jingle a toy or run in Front of them to encourage them to Follow if they approach you never punish Them for having fought on the contrary Praise them for coming at your call Our first info video explains the Reasons a dog bites another dog Act on the aggressor If your dog is the one who started the Attack and does not let go of the other Animal you should intervene directly on Them it’s likely that when your dog lets Go of the other animal the latter will Move away immediately Do not pull the dogs a common mistake That is often made when trying to Separate dogs fighting each other is to

Grab both animals by the collar or legs And pull them in opposite directions This provides a risk of significant Damage to the animals Immobilize your dog to prevent your dog From shaking the other animal while Biting place their body between your Legs to immobilize them and try to open Their mouth for this you can try using An object to pry open their jaw or try To cut off their airflow to force them To breathe in through the mouth you can Do the latter using the dog’s leash or a Belt placing it under the neck and Pulling up or by covering their nose Walk away and cam the dog When you manage to separate the dogs Walk your dog away a little but do not Leave the area completely again do not Hit or punish your dog for what has just Happened it is counterproductive and Could worsen the behavior of the animal You must be very careful with redirected Bites in a moment of so much tension It’s easy for either of the two dogs to Bite you involuntarily as a result of The stress and frustration of the moment Discover in our next info video the six Most common mistakes when introducing Two dogs What happens if my dog bites another dog Once both animals have been separated It’s time to assess the extent of the Injuries both you and the guardian of

The other dog must examine your animals Touching their body gently and staying Calm you need to reassure the dogs as You do so go over to talk to the other Dog guardian to clarify the situation Try to stay calm and understanding if Your dog has not caused injuries to the Other animal or they are superficial It’s very likely the other guardian will Simply ask you to cover any veteran Expenses however it is also possible They decide to call the police to file a Complaint against you in this case you Must cooperate and provide the Information they request the police will Likely ask for both your documentation And that of the animal they should also Check if the dog has previous incidents And that they are properly vaccinated Depending on where you live you may need To pay a fine or have an insurance claim Made against you this will likely be Used to cover any consultation and Treatment costs with the vet on some Occasions the other person might claim Or even sue for damages If you want to continue learning about Dog behavior don’t miss the playlist we Share here let us know if you’ve Experienced a fight between your dog and Another dog and share the outcome in the Comments we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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