What to Do if Your Dog Is Choking

A man was playing catch with his dog Hansel, when the ball the man was throwing got lodged in the dog’s throat. Hansel was rushed to the veterinarian, but started turning blue in the car on the way there. Once at the West Hills Animal Hospital, Dr. Kristie Williams performed a sort of Heimlich maneuver for dogs, coaxing the stuck ball out of Hansel’s throat. The term has been coined the external extraction technique, and Dr. Williams says every dog owner should know how to do it. #InsideEdition

It is remarkable video a veterinarian Climbs on top of a two-year-old dog Named hansel the pitbull mix is choking To death it’s a race against the clock To save hansel’s life it happened right Outside their long island new york home Hansel was playing catch with his owner Like any other day when a ball this size Got lodged right in his throat kelly Skinner and her fiance rushed the dog to The vet on the way there he started Turning blue And at one point i thought he died they Drove to the west hills animal hospital Dr christie williams There she goes and out pops the ball Nice i’m so grateful for everything they Did amazingly 20 minutes before hansel Came in a choking doberman had the same Technique applied The term that was coined for this is the External extraction technique and it’s Essentially a similar type of a heimlich Kind of a thing dr williams says she Remembers seeing a demo of the technique In this training video i’m pushing down And up it’s like a j stroke And we can see The ball pops Right out so they’re flat on their back Here she says every dog owner should Know how to do this the ball is going to Be in this area here with the ball being Here my thumbs are going to be on the

Back edge of the ball here and i’m gonna Push the ball down and up through the Mouth should we stop using these tennis Balls when we’re playing catch with the Dogs i’ve been asked this question a Bunch by a lot of people ever since this Whole thing came to light and i’ve heard A lot of people say they threw away all Their balls i think that no matter what You do with your animal you just have to Be smart and safe about it Today hansel is romping around a happy And healthy pet thanks to the heimlich Maneuver for dogs [Music] You

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