What to FEED a MONTH-OLD KITTEN? 🐱 (Feeding a Baby Cat)

🐈 If a very young kitten has just come into your life, especially if you have not been in this situation before, you may ask yourself: what can you feed a month-old kitten? In this AnimalWised video, we show you what and how to feed a 1-month-old cat.


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While it should be avoided there are Situations where we may find a separated Month-old kitten in our care finding an Abandoned kitten is one common example In these cases ensuring they are fed Correctly is vital for their survival Something we explore in this new Animal-wised video [Music] How much does a month-old kitten eat At three weeks of age kittens should Still be getting their nutrition from Their mother or formula if necessary This should be at a dosage of 130 Calories per kilogram When they reach a month of age this Needs to be increased to 200 to 220 Calories per kilogram per day divided Into four or five portions After this time their needs develop more Slowly an eight-week-old cat needs about Calories per kilogram and at five months They will reach the maximum of 250 Calories per kilogram At this age that growth development Should be almost complete so they will Progressively need less daily energy By one year of age the cat will only Need around 70 to 80 calories per cat Per day Month-old kittens will mainly drink milk But their teeth will be developing even At this early stage When their mother is present she will

Start to encourage an interest in solid Food she may even bring prey to her Kittens if we find ourselves with a Month-old kitten in our care we need to Know this is the time their diet will Start to change they will still need Milk but will start to be weaned onto Solids Discover how often cats of all ages need To eat in a day with the first info Video we share How to feed a month old kitten When we are in charge of a one month old Cat we can start offering them wet Kitten food if they aren’t interested Don’t force them either try something Else or leave it until they’re ready Especially if we don’t have food Specific for month-old cats we can try a Homemade diet in the form of boiled Chicken pieces to see if they’re Interested Some cats may be very interested in this Type of food but their small size means They will get indigestion if they eat Too much to encourage weaning you should Exchange the milk bottle we initially Used to feed the kitten with a saucer of Milk to encourage eating this way we Must incrementally add an amount of Commercial feed for kittens that will Soften in the milk The kitten will find it easier to start Eating it this way

This amount of feed will be gradually Increased until they feed on it Exclusively at around seven weeks the Best feed to give a kitten as they Develop is a specific feed formulated For kittens on which the mother can also Feed until the end of lactation our next Info video above provides more on the Nutritional needs of cats Summary of feeding a cat in short Feeding a kitten from birth is as Follows they should first be fed milk Formulated for kittens when they reach Four weeks of age they should begin to Be introduced to dry food to encourage Weaning this should always be done so Gradually starting with a very small Feed to milk ratio until this proportion Is reversed and finally they are given Feed alone Also never forget they need a dish of Water at their disposal at all times They should be fed four or five times a Day and it’s not recommended they always Have food available as it can cause them To overeat Likewise it must be taken into account That a kitten from a month until at Least six to seven months of age has Tripled the energy needs of an adult so The food must be more energetic Ideally we offer a feed marketed for Kittens finally when they reach seven Weeks they should be fed exclusively dry

Or wet food for kittens If you want to continue learning more About cat care take a look at the Playlist we share here Have you recently adopted a young kitten Share your story in the comments and We’ll see you next time [Music] You

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