When you realized your dog was a special one

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My niece is Here where's your toy No the other One did You watch this font Flip Oh well I'm not getting that Ow oh my God Bang He's murdering my sweater oh my God you just ate an entire Chicken F Chicken do you have any idea what we've [Music] Done what the are you Doing I caught you redheaded Again I'm so sick of this you too just Need to grow Up ready look it look It why does my dog sit like a human you Sit on the couch like a dog man Person [Laughter] Oh you CT for the Cat can I help you No kiss him Babe kiss him kiss him kiss Him no no kiss Him you didn't messed up what are you Doing get down I can't think your big Oh Damn Damn

Ham Cam and we are live from Sky Fox One Crackhead on the loose last scene smok And crystal meth out of a Pepsi can Drives directly into a tree police are Surrounding him and I think that's all She wrote my goodness is he up he looks Like it was at this moment that he [Music] Knew What I told you didn't I tell You he's 8 weeks old and he's Puppy this is the dog the police did Not because we wanted to surprise you You Guys Oh my [Music] God who's here Bring your child to Workday dog dad Edition a Death Pit bow at the piano While kids March around the room just Another day at the office around Here I'm fast as boy still fast as boy Come get some I don't think you have any Idea how fast I really am I'm fast As clever Sit [Music] [Music] Hey look at all these Wieners hi Wieners

Oh you want to go [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Outside Oh my God Do you have a problem with us holding Hands Look at Me Luna Me Luna excuse Me Ready Set Ready [Music] Set Go Different different how you saw High Commission investment products right Noe Fisher avoids them well you must commiss On never Fisher who did This who did it [Music] I'm [Music] [Music] Embarrassed

William Hey what are you Doing here can you come here I got to Tell you Something I I got to tell you something Can you Sit good you adopt it I'm Sorry Broken baby what are you doing Honey Right there oh yes oh yes I love this oh Yeah oh yeah deep tissue deep tissue oh Yeah give me that Shu oh yeah right There oh yeah squeeze my face yeah feel So good yeah oh don't stop don't stop oh Yeah oh it feels so good I'm so glast I Ain't fighting you today we ain't doing It you hear Me ow That was a sucker punch you can't be Doing [Laughter] That quiet speak quiet speak sh quiet Quiet Speak good girl please go Potty it's for your own good it's so you Don't get eaten by a coyote or a Hawk please go potty look at me you Won't even look at me will you kiss your Dog and see their Reaction Franklin Frank where are You whoa have you guys ever played a

Husky piano Oh sorry it needs a little warming [Music] [Music] Up [Music] Get your nosy ass over here get over Here D get over here [ __ ] nosy excuse Me I had an appointment for Today he's new oh pepperoni always gets Concerned whenever I gasp Watch sorry buddy it's okay her bedroom Well this is the thanks I get I come Home to this sir I completely Understand it's a great thanks isn't It creates his own Doorway hold this cat trying to my dog Yo peanut peanut there's a cat There And then bam she got hit by a big truck What Olive why you sitting on your Brother's Head [Music] Tell you Something you're adopted You're Adopted I know I'm really Sorry but you were Adopted Oh you can You Can [Laughter]

[Music] M so good and [Music] Tasty look at this silly little dog he Wants me to oh oh all right watch as Soon as I pick it Up he wants to eat in Bed I know he shouldn't be in that angle But it's what he Wants Whoa oh Sorry oh sorry We lost with game five so we have to fly Out to Phoenix and play this game number Six Michael got on the plane he had a Cigar he said he wanted to speak to the Team Dex who did This who did This Dex who did this did you do this did you Eat my [Music] [Music] Remote wow what a big song you're Adopted it's true I adopted You I'm sorry that the truth has to be Revealed this Way you need Stairs don't hand it don't hand It Right [Music] I don't care how old she gets I don't

Care how big she gets this will always Be a Puppy Hello Hi Look what you've Done oh Dear you had a good [Music] Day

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