When Your Dog Is More Funny Than You 🐶Funniest Dog Ever!

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Are you okay come Here Rubble Rubble K go back Home I you Wi God number 6,432 th000 for Rocky Lee special Edition do you Like come on let's just take him outside And have the damn thing take Good okay people can we chill Okay Ouch oh my Goodness When it's time to leave the Park om mg so Dram what you doing buddy don't H next To your Mother It was a Sham going get the Treat she thinks outside the box she Thinks Out What is That Tell me your dog is spoiled without Telling Me Yeah I love you I Love I have no questions I just accept

That don't worry I This oh my God yep I'm so glad people Don't scrutinize my team expense reports I had a couple Red Bulls you ever had a Red Bull I never had a Red Bull before But I had a Red Bull last night I really Like Red Bull This now no Bunny There Is this your dog none of these are it None of them at all none of them Sit Sit why are you messing with Me that's Rude I'm fast as boy still fast as [ __ ] come Get some I don't think you have any idea How fast I really Am H y yo What got a show us drop It drop It drop It lucky where is he where is he oh my God where is He you are an idiot where is He dude so I'm trying to eat this hockey Puck it's not too bad actually but um Somebody wants it so Bad zoom zoom zoom zoom I'm zooming in My room my zoom is all forever my zoom Is all together zoom zoom zoom zoom I'm

Zooming over there I'm zooming over here Now and then I'm everywhere Zoom Best part of being a FedEx driver what Are you Doing are you going to bite me I can't tell if you want to bite me or Not To Sorry it's almost hurtful to me to watch Her be so you may now kiss the Bride Guys coconut got attacked by dogs on her Walk Today please send Good Vibes What Be Show say it again say it Again What are you doing are you Crazy You have keeping your arms down along The side or if you want to spin your Shoulders behind you interace your Fingers have your fist rest on your Tailbone on your next inhale bring your You are annoying the crap out of Me Ow M so good and Tasty Hello scary yo I'm going to check his Vibe what are you yeah what are you bad VI you have a smooth brain no ridges or Lumps or valleys or bumps all ideas

Slide right off like a water slide Smooth Brain What happened Buddy what did you Do why are you wearing the gate do you Need Help For I Me Yeah Did you get the pizza is that you that Got the Pizza that wasn't you was it hey was This you did you do this did you did you Do this huh was it you I don't know I Can't Tell was that You you sure she said yes oh You when we picked you up Odie we had no Idea that you were a Rabbit chil Girl Baby How long you been Here M so good and Tasty I'm Pooping yeah you smell it When your staff can't swim but insists On going out of his Depth come On come on you can walk you Now and I have not behaved one single

Day of my life not one day of my life Have I behaved and I'm fine every day I Wake up and I asked myself how am I Going to be the biggest pain in the I Can Be well I just don't even know where Your ball could Be I don't know where is your Ball Hello scary yo I'm check his Vibe what Are you yeah what are you Bad why is it Spicy Gentle That is not a Titty Spee Spe Um may I help you like do we got a Problem Deployed you'll need to release for Descend Fast good Luck you can do This come on T is not our Friend New bag of dog Food who got into That who got into the dog Food I can see you even though your eyes Are Closed Maggie did you get into the dog Food She can scratch yourself move your go to

Your Can I pick that do no can I pick that do No can I pick that do no He's you can go to Sleep Animal Control was outside my House detaining a straight Dog so I had to turn this experience Into a lesson for my Dogs do you see what happens if you run Away that's why you don't run away do Y'all think I scared them Straight He

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