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Foreign [Music] [Laughter] Drop it Foreign Oh now we won’t untuck his feet Sit down [Music] Pav The Delivery Man didn’t knock and Left your Parcels outside but you have a Dog Oh my God What is that [Laughter] [Music] But like look how little he is compared To mine Water bottle Foreign [Music] It’s barking mad [Music] [Applause] No No no It’s so cute Kiss your dog on the head and record Their reaction Is this your elbow or is this your elbow Yeah Hey [Music] We’re going right in front of the door Oh yeah he’s a good boy

The bottom line is we need to get a dog For protection like if someone tried to Break into our house I’d want to make Sure that they were immediately Terrified I will grow under any Conditions I think I’m allergic to tap water [Music] My mom told me it’s not time to go on a Walk [Music] [Music] What are you doing [Music] Um [Music] Hey hey Wait a minute Don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious Yes you’re very cute but you’re a Naughty sausage Yes yes I’m right here No no no no no no no no no no no no Absolutely not no sorry darling but Boundaries we have we have to have Public

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