Where Should My DOG SLEEP? 🐶💤 5 Requirements for Healthy Rest

🐩💤 Where should a dog sleep? In their own bed, in a kennel or in our bed with us? In this video from AnimalWised, we explain what a dog needs for a suitable place to rest. In addition, we clarify if your dog can sleep outside the house or with you in your bed. Find out the ideal bed for a dog!

How Much Should a DOG SLEEP? 👉
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[Music] If this is the first time you’ve adopted A dog into the home You may be unsure about the best Sleeping conditions for them In this animal-wise video we explain the Five requirements you will need to meet To ensure suitable rest in place for Your pup We also explain whether it is Appropriate for dogs to sleep outside or In your bed Their resting place should be quiet First of all you need to ensure their Place of rest is quiet and Intimate in other words it needs to be Somewhere away from noise and commotion So they can relax properly This location will be your dog’s refuge Somewhere they can go when they want to Be alone It’s important to respect their space And not to disturb them when they are There [Music] The temperature must be pleasant place Their bed in a place where there are no Drafts and where there is a pleasant Temperature Either too hot in summer or too cold in Winter [Music] It must be the right size the bed should Be of a suitable size for the physique

And needs of your dog They should be able to stretch and turn Around without difficulty it also needs To be thick enough to provide cushioning From the ground [Music] Materials must be quality the materials From which their bed is made should be Quality and cause the animal no harm It should be robust enough so the dog Can’t bite and scratch it to ribbons It must be easy to clean finally you Will save yourself a lot of hassle if The bed is easy to clean For this reason dog beds with a Removable cover are highly recommended Here we share a video in which we tell You how many hours a day a dog should Sleep Although these are the ideal conditions In which a dog should sleep there are People who wonder if their dog can sleep Outside the house or if they can sleep With them in the bed let’s resolve any Doubts [Music] Can my dog sleep outside the home dogs Or animals that like to be in company For this reason they are unlikely to Want to sleep alone away from the house Also be unlikely that a dog will sleep Well outside given the conditions And doing so can increase the risk of Problem behavior illness and even escape

In cases when the dog is a very calm or Independent character or is accompanied By another dog They may be better suited to sleeping Outside however they will need comfort And shelter Kennels must be raised on the ground to Avoid damp and should be able to Maintain A suitable temperature [Music] Can my dog sleep in my bed there should Be no problem in your dog sleeping next To you If you wish of course it’s important to Take into account certain guidelines Such as ensuring the dog is dewormed Clean and will not aggravate any Allergies You must be clear with the dog and Indicate from the beginning that it is You who lets them sleep in the bed Setting rules as a puppy will make it Easier for them not to develop Behavioral problems in the long term Discover what your dog’s sleeping Position says about their well-being in The video we share here So where should they sleep the truth is That it will depend on the individual Context The important thing is that both you and Your dog are comfortable and can rest Peacefully

Therefore if you prefer that they sleep In their bed in a separate room they Will need to meet the conditions we have Described Whether or not sleeping in your bed they Need to be safe For puppies just arriving in the home They will probably cry the first night As they miss their mother and siblings In this case it is advisable to place Their bed close to yours so that they Will feel secure Little by little you can separate the Bed if you don’t want them to sleep with You Likewise and whenever possible a blanket With the scent of their mother and Siblings will help them be Reassured locking the puppy in a room is Not recommended As it will make the situation worse here We share a video in which we explain how To welcome a new puppy at home Tell us any of your dog’s odd sleeping Habits in the comments and we’ll see you Next time You

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