Where to Pet a Cat? – FAVORITE PLACES and TIPS

Is your cat refusing to be petted? πŸ±πŸ‘‡ in his video, we explain where to pet a cat and how to do it so they can feel relaxed and trust you. Remember that it is essential for you to pay attention to the cat’s body language if you want to know how to pet them correctly. If the cat scratches or bites you when petting them, it is a sign of displeasure and knowing why you annoy them is imperative. By knowing where and how to pet a cat, you can make them feel happy and relaxed as well as improving your bond in the first place. If you want to know more about how to pet a cat, you can check out the original article here:

πŸ”Έ Also, here is a helpful video to get your cat in a relaxed mood for petting: πŸ”Έ

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Although it may seem improbable many cat Guardians don’t know how to pet a cat They might be surprised to see their cat Bite or scratch at their hands during The middle of a petting session Something they thought was a mutually Relaxing experience in actuality many Have been warned without realizing it That animal wise explained by sure knew How and where to pet a cat [Music] The domestic cat like their wild Counterparts is a solitary animal but Domestication has fostered more social Behavior in the species individual cats Might be more or less tolerant of Interaction depending on genetics Socialization and experience in general Cats do not like excessive manipulation Which is why understanding feline Communication is key in getting to know Our cat identifying their tolerance Threshold and having adequate Expectations in terms of petting some Signs of a happy cat include relaxed Body posture erect ears tail and head Raised walking confidently on a Vibrating tail when you’re able to Identify these body postures you will Know your cat is relaxed and receptive To being petted you can inspire a sense Of security by providing a relaxed Atmosphere using a soft tone of voice And progressively approaching them we

Should let the cat take the initiative And end the session when they want to we Should start by offering the cat long And soft strokes which go with the Direction of their fur ideally always Follow the same direction and avoid Passing hitting or pinching even if the Intention is good in the first sessions We need to be careful and affectionate We start at the top by using the tips of Our fingers like a comb around their Head and neck we can also massage the Upper and middle part of their back Starting with the shoulder blades and Ending near the base of the ribcage we Can also gently scratch the cheeks and Lower a part of their chin avoid Stroking their belly tail legs or paw Pads these areas are not usually Appreciated and we can often observe Signs of displeasure when we touch them If we ignore these signs the cat may Increase the intensity of their warning With a scratch or a bite some of the Signs a cat is annoyed include tense Body posture ears back bristled tail Tail batting fast moving to fast Movements in general bristled coat Arched body open mouth hissing or Yardley if we observe any of these signs We should stop em We shouldn’t ever get to the point where They are displaying these signs the Ideal is to little by little get to know

The limits of their tolerance when it Comes to petting but avoid getting past This threshold through petting we can Relax our cat to the point of sleep to Begin go to the description of this Video and click the link on relaxing Music for cats you can then begin to Offer soft and long strokes over and Along their back it’s important to take Breaks which become longer and longer Between petting so the body stops being Stimulated and the cat begins to rest Finally when the cat is very relaxed and Has their eyes closed We can stop comfort peace and relaxing Signs are key to making the cat feel Safe and sleepy not all cats will allow You to pet them if this is the case with Yours you need to know the keys to Getting past this are patience respect And positive reinforcement a no kiss Should be punished or scold a cat which Doesn’t want to be petted rather if we See our cat does not like being petted Is aggressive scared or rejects any Manipulation we should suspect a Physical or mental health issue we need To avoid touching the cat when they are Relaxed asleep or distracted neither Should we make sudden movements Otherwise we can’t expect a scratch in Shy scared or aggressive cats handling Should always be smooth positive and Gradual we need to avoid prohibited

Areas and use positive reinforcement to Reassure them do the same with a camming And positive voice and don’t be afraid To use treats in more acute cases it may Be helpful to use pheromones find other Ways to improve their welfare or even Consult a veterinarian if you have some Helpful tips on how to pet a cat please Share them with us in the comments below Like if you find the video useful Subscribe for more and we’ll see you Next time You [Music]

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