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🐕 Are you thinking of adopting a Whippet dog? In this AnimalWised video, we explain everything you need to know about this breed of dog. Discover the origins, characteristics, care and much more about the Whippet dog breed, so you can know what to expect if one joins your family.


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If you’re thinking of adopting a whippet Animal wise helps you best prepare with Everything you need to know about their Characteristics Care and More British in origin the Whippet dog breed Began as a crossbreeding of greyhounds With terrier-type breeds the resultant Crosses gave rise to one of the fastest Dog breeds in the world capable as they Are of reaching speeds up to 35 miles Per hour originally used for both racing And hunting Harrison rabbits these Professions are currently not very Common in whippets they are much more Common in the domestic environment as Companion animals than as working dogs Discover other breeds of English dog in The first video we share above In terms of physical characteristics Whippets are strong and resistant dogs With the predisposition towards physical Activity their head is long and thin Being slightly flat on top they’re Similarly thin snout tapers towards the Nose their eyes are oval bright and have A lively expression their ears are small And rose-shaped but have a very fine Texture they’re long and muscular neck Joins a wide back which is firm and Elongated The chest is deep with a well-defined Low four chest and is continuous with Their retracted abdomen their coat is Fine short and tight and can be of any

Color Size of the Whippet varies between males And females with males measuring up to 20 inches at the withers and females Being just a little shorter Weight is not indicated in the FCI Standard of the breed but they usually Weigh between 9 and 20 kilos or up to 44 Pounds The Whippet has a cam gentle sweet and Sensitive character they can be reserved With strangers so it’s advisable to Socialize them as a puppy to avoid Shyness problems when they become an Adult these dogs tend to get along with Older children but are not Rough and Tumble dogs so they are not always the Best pets for young children If you want to know breeds which are Ideal for young kids take a look at our Next info video it is not easy to have a Whip it together with another small pet As these dogs have a strong hunting Instinct they tend to Chase and capture Small fast-moving animals they do Usually get along with other dogs Each of their thin skin and short coat These dogs are very sensitive to cold And should be protected with special Clothing when the weather is cold they Have a fast metabolism requiring them to Eat smaller portions but given more Feedings during the day They can’t adapt to living in an

Apartment but they need to exercise Vigorously on a regular basis with about Three walks a day and some time running Off leash or whip it should be very Happy you also have to bear in mind that Their hair quality requires use of a Soft brush and products without Aggressive ingredients The Whippet is a generally shy dog but Can happily interact with other dogs if We provide them with good socialization From their puffy stage to do this we Will introduce them to other dogs cats And pets on a regular basis as well as People and objects of all kinds like any Other dog a Whippet must learn the basic Commands to provide a sense of security This will allow them to develop good Mental health as well as a strong bond With you Whippets have an average lifespan of Between 12 and 15 years but can be Subject to some ailments that are Relatively common in the breed these Include cataracts heart problems Progressive retinal atrophy thyroid Problems and hypersensitivity to Chemicals and medications Also their very thin skin can be easily Injured by following the dog’s Vaccination schedule and going to the Vet every six months we can best prevent Many health problems If you want to know other breeds of dog

And their characteristics don’t miss the Playlist We Share here do you have a Whippet in your family if so let us know What else a perspective Guardian needs To consider we’ll see you next time

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