Why Cats Like Sleeping in High Places – 5 Reasons

Does your cat also love sleeping in high places? ๐Ÿ˜ผ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ If you live with a feline you will probably know that these animals like to take refuge in heights in various situations. This is why, in this new AnimalWised video, we provide you 5 reasons why cats like sleeping in high places. We’ll show you the thought processes cats go through in wanting to be up high, what benefits it provides to the cat and more context to explain this feline behavior. Once you know why cats like sleeping in high places, you can find a little more context about this behavior and ay possible risks it can create in this article on high rise syndrome in cats:

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[Music] Cats love Heights they love them so much There’s even a name for it known as High-rise syndrome this refers to cats Which like to climb up to high places And unfortunately have a tendency to Fall possibly resulting in serious Injury but not all height related Activity is dangerous behavior for cats There are many benefits for a cat Sleeping in elevated places if you’ve Ever wondered why your cat loves Sleeping in high places animal wise Provides the possible explanations [Music] [Applause] [Music] If we analyze feline behavior we can Quickly observe they dedicate more time To resting in high places than other Areas of the home it’s why you will see Them climb trees when outside or even Take up space on the back of the couch What are the benefits of this behavior Is it just because they enjoy it here Are the five reasons cats like to sleep In high places domestic cats are Especially curious animals so much so That they won’t hesitate to sniff at Anything you bring in the house or Follow shadows along the wall at the Same time stimulation in the home can be Limited in these animals they look for Things to investigate and climbing up

High is an excellent way to see what Happens around them precisely for this Reason it is necessary to offer Comfortable and safe structures where They can rest and observe their Environment we can encourage this by Placing a scratching post near the Window so they can observe the outside World without going out there there are Many factors which can make your cat Feel threatened as they are such Sensitive animals they may consider Certain changes as a threat an example Could be the introduction of a dog into The family home this can generate Behaviors related to fear and aggression Cats may climb high to feel more secure In such situations in these Circumstances or even in a general sense The cat may look for high places to seek Refuge and recover their well-being when Feeling threatened insecure or Frightened cats spend the majority of Their day at rest as it’s their favorite Activity in fact cats will find various Favorite areas inside the home To rest however this doesn’t mean they Will always sleep soundly in some cases They may be simply laying down without Actually sleeping higher places tend to Be some of their favorite rest areas Because they offer isolation away from The busy activities within the home and Offer better chance of sleep if you have

A cat you will know these animals don’t Like to be cold cats only tend to be on The grind when it’s warm such as in the Summer or on an indoor carpet in the Coldest times of the year felines look For warm places to snuggle and the Farther from the cold ground the better It’s even possible we can see them Hiding inside a cupboard or in the Inside of a scratching post additionally As most central heating is lower down And heat rises the cat will often prefer Staying in higher places where they can Find more comfort hello domestic cats May seem very calm animals the truth is That they are very sensitive to change It’s easy for the cat experience anxiety And stress for various reasons and to Seek refuge in certain spaces Once again Heights provide the cat with The necessary isolation to obtain camp Tranquility and peaceful rest There are also excellent refuges for Cats afraid of storms fireworks or even The hairdryer now you know five reasons Which explain why your cat likes to Sleep up high maybe you have some of Your own thoughts you’d like to share Such as their favorite places to get Cozy if you enjoyed the video give us a Like and don’t forget to subscribe for More we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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