Why Do CATS Choose a PERSON to SLEEP With? 🐱

🐈 Does your CAT SLEEP with you? The truth is that it is quite relaxing and pleasant to sleep with the company of a kitten and, therefore, we do not kick them out of bed, but why do they come to sleep with us? In this AnimalWised video we explain why CATS CHOOSE A PERSON to SLEEP WITH. If you want to know what it means when your cat sleeps with you, pay attention and take note.


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If you want to be your cat's favorite Person but find they choose to rest on Another member of the family you can Learn why cats choose a particular Person to sleep with in today's Animal-wise video [Music] Why do cats choose a person to sleep With as with many other animals cats Show particular preferences when they Choose the other cats animals and people With whom they interact in this way they Often have a favorite person this is Someone they trust and with whom they Form a very strong and affectionate bond This person usually becomes their main Point of reference someone to follow and Trust this includes when the cat wants To sleep for this reason it's common for Cats to sleep regularly beside or on top Of someone they consider the most Special find out if you are your cat's Favorite person in the video we share on The card above now we know that cats Play favorites that see other reasons For this Behavior Trust it is in the nature of the cat to Be distrustful and alert to avoid the Attack of possible Predators it is for This reason sleep is one of the moments In which they are the most vulnerable When a cat sleeps only on top of you it Means they are not only comfortable but They trust you with their life

Temperature cats love heat if you look Closely they are always looking for the Warmest places in the house to hide and Get some peace it should not be Surprising that your cat sleeps next to You and looks for you at bedtime Especially when there is a chill in the Atmosphere some cats love heat so much They like to sunbathe you can learn why In the next info video above Comfort although cats can lie down in Some unexpected places they will be most Comfortable sleeping on a soft bed when They choose to sleep on you it could be Due to a problem with their own bed in These cases it's a good idea to check Their resting place to ensure it meets Their requirements of comfort Security although they may seem relaxed Cats are in a constant state of alert to Their environment this is why they jump Erratically when anything out of the Ordinary happens near them the Relationship with your cat is very Important they likely consider you one Of the family and will sleep with you to Feel more secure and relaxed if you find Our videos enjoyable consider providing Us a super thanks to help the channel Grow Protection cats not only want to feel Protected by their family they are Protective of their family as they are Part of the same social group cats that

Live together will establish bonds of Trust and sleep together in order to be Better protected it could be your cat Sleeps beside you to act as your Guardian Territoriality perhaps one of the Reasons why your cat sleeps with you is Because they consider your bed their Territory they are the one letting you Sleep there the positive part of this is That your cat is attached enough to you And trusts you enough to let you sleep Next to them Routine if your cat has slept with you Since they were a kitten you never tried To change this Behavior sleeping with You is a habit and part of their daily Routine this is important to maintain as Felines are strict creatures of habit Love cats tend to lie together when they Are in liters for warmth and Company if They rub up on you but your head lick You and sleep beside you they consider You another member of the group this is A sure sign of a healthy relationship With your feline companion If you want to continue learning about The behavior of cats don't miss the Playlist We Share here Are you your cat's favorite let us know About it in the comments and we'll see You next time

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