Why do CATS have WHISKERS? – What are They For?

Have you ever wondered why cats have whiskers? If you want to know more about feline morphology and behavior, this AnimalWised video on ’Why do CATS have WHISKERS? – What are They For?’ will help to enlighten you. You’ll find out the different functions of a cat’s whiskers including how they help maintain balance, sense predators, ‘see’ better and more. Keep watching to find out all about why cats have whiskers and, if you want to find out more about cat whiskers and their function, you can check out the original article here:

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Have you ever wondered what a cat’s Whiskers are for cats have long and Distinguished whiskers which give them a Tender appearance but function far Beyond mere aesthetics their whiskers Are an important instrument which allows Felines to have greater control over Their environment in this animal wise Video we explain why cats have whiskers So you can understand why they’re so Important for them A cat’s whiskers are technically known As vibra sigh and have an important Mechanoreceptor function they are longer And more sensitive than the rest of the Cat’s hairs and are not found on the Dermis But the hypodermis a deeper area of the Skin surrounded by nerves and blood Vessels which transmit information to The brain the amount of virus I can vary Depending on species although cats Generally have between 16 and 24 of them Whiskers act as tactile receptors and Are present in many other species these Virus I are find on the Snite above the Eyes on the chin and behind the cat’s Front legs but what purpose do they Serve aloha cat’s vision is acute they Often have difficulty distinguishing Objects up close this is why whiskers Help them to better identify objects Which are located less than 30 Centimeters away from them the cat’s

Whiskers help them to remain alert to Their surroundings the high sensitivity Of these hairs are able to detect if Something is approaching the cat as well As helping avoid collisions with Obstacles this happens because the vibra Sight can sense the differences in air Currents when an object is near the Whiskers located on the eye protected by Stimulating the cat to blink when an Object is detected the length of the Whiskers are sufficient to measure the Space in front of a cat this gives them The ability to tell if a space is large Enough to enter it helps them avoid Getting stuck along with their tail Whiskers allow the feline to move Impeccably along narrow paths or sleep In high places can you cut a cat’s Whiskers clearly not as you have seen The vibra sigh fulfil an important Function in the life of cats therefore If we cut them their welfare is affected The whiskers are part of their tactile Sense however if by accident they break Or our cut they can often grow back Has this video helped you understand Cats a little better let us know about It in the comments like if you enjoyed The video and subscribe for more we’ll See you next time [Music]

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