Why Do Cats Lick Each Other?

There are several reasons why cats lick each other. They can be for hygiene purposes, to transfer their scent or to help detect a health problem. In this AnimalWised video we’ll explain in more detail why cats lick each other and help you to understand their feline language a little better. This is because cats use body language as well as vocalization to communicate, but understanding what it is they are trying to say isn’t always easy. If you want to know more about feline behavior, subscribe to our channel for lots of interesting videos on cats and their care needs.

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[Music] One of our cat’s favorite activities is To simply lick themselves for ours they Are incredibly clean animals and are Equally thorough in the desire to remove Any and all dirt if you live with more Than one cat you may have noticed their Tendency to lick each other why do they Do this if they enjoy licking themselves So much is it a token of affection or Part of a shared grooming ritual in this Animal wise video will explain why cats Off and let their tongue do the time [Music] A cat’s lick is not merely practically It also demonstrates the level of Confidence two cats have on each other When they are together this is called Social grooming and it happens for Various reasons one of them is to Improve the bond between two felines if Your cats do this to each other It’s a sign that they love each other or At least feel relaxed around each other In these cases the licks are usually Concentrated aright the facial areas and Ears cats also lick each other to Strengthen their familial bonds even if This is a family which is not Blood-related The lick not only serves to show their Affection but also allows them to create A common aroma which distinguishes them For potential interleukins cats usually

Lick their offspring several times a day Both to identify them as family members And to ward any possible intruders that They are part of their territory this is A means of protection against anyone Trying to get close to their kittens in Fact it is this change and smell which Can lead to mother counts rejecting the Kidneys as they no longer recognize them This is why it’s so important to respect The mother space and to not take her Kittens away before they’re ready when a New cat is adopted it is common to see Cats rejected in their new home if their Introduction to the new family is not Carried out properly however if the new Arrival is ingratiated appropriately it Is common to see an older cat start to Lick a younger one in general the kitten Which arrives will feel cautious and Afraid of being in the territory which Belongs to another When this happens some cats assume a Protected position smelling and licking The newcomer to welcome them in with This gesture not only do they transmit Peace of mind but they also take them Under their wing and provide tutelage in Their new shared the common scent they Now have add to this feeling of welcomes There are times a cat will lick another Cat because it detects a health issue in These cases the cat usually focuses its Licking on a specific area as this is

Where the injury or damage may be This can range from a physical trauma or Many different kinds of illnesses Why does I can’t do this it’s believed The main reason is due to comforting Their friend during these times when They are most unwell if you notice your Cat paying a lot of attention to one Localized area it might be time to take Them to a vet for a checkup Of course grooming is an important Reason why cats lick each other Cats like to groom each other as they Know how important hygiene is however They will only do it with those family Members they trust don’t forget to give Us a like if you enjoyed the video and Subscribe to our channel to stay up to Date with everything we do see you next Time [Music] [Applause] You [Music]

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