Why Do Cats VOMIT? – 8 Most Common CAUSES

Is your cat vomiting and you’re not sure why? If you want to know the causes of vomiting in cats and learn to identify, treat or avoid them, this AnimalWised video is here to help. To understand why do cats vomit, we provide the 8 most common causes of vomiting in cats. These range from possible poisoning or food allergies to inappropriate diet or hairballs. Whatever the cause, it is linked to the cat’s digestive system, so we need to find the best ways to ensure we keep them as healthy as possible. We will also show you what to do when your cat vomits and tell you when you might need to take your cat to the veterinarian. We have some useful background information on cats vomiting in the following articles:

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Vomiting in cats can occur as a response Mechanism to intoxication or as a Consequence of the development of a Pathology which affects the digestive System knowing the most common causes That explain this form of regurgitation Can help us to avoid them in the future Or act quickly if they occur this is why Animal Weis explains the eight most Common reasons why your cat vomits and Which will necessitate a trip to the Veterinarian [Music] An incorrect diet can prompt digestive Problems in the animal which result in Vomiting and/or diarrhea cats are Obligate carnivores so it’s necessary to Provide them with a diet based on the Consumption of quality protein such as Can be found in meat and fish on the Other hand it should be noted that a Sudden change in diet can also produce Vomiting and diarrhea cats are very Sensitive creatures so any dietary Changes should be introduced Progressively to avoid these problems Similarly eating too much too fast can Also lead the catabolic we may only give Our cats a few treats a day but their Bodies will expel them if unsuitable Rewarding good behavior is essential for A happy coexistence and strengthening Our bond with a cat however there are Many ways to do it we can use petting

Words of encouragement or pampering Instead if we do want to use food as Treats there are some fruits suitable For cats check out the link in the Description to find out more Although distinct problems both food Intolerance and allergies can bear Vomiting and diarrhea as the main Symptoms similarly it is common to Notice skin changes such as irritation Inflammation redness and itching in some Parts of the face ears or even Undercarriage gastroenteritis is defined As inflammation of the gastrointestinal Tract and can have various causes from Poor digestion to infection in these Cases in addition to vomiting we can Sometimes observe diarrhea malaise Lethargy and even fever if your cat has Gastroenteritis it is essential you keep Them well hydrated if we have not Previously noticed our cat vomiting but It starts too suddenly we might suspect They have ingested a toxic substance Which their body is now trying to Eliminate poisoning can be due to the Ingestion of certain plants cleaning Products herbicides or pesticides in This case the vomiting is likely Accompanied by other symptoms such as Lethargy lack of coordination or Excessive salivation and requires urgent Veterinary attention some disorders such As intestinal malabsorption can cause

Vomiting and malnutrition and cats Similarly metabolic disorders Such as hyperthyroidism can also cause Vomiting other causes include a lack of Digestive enzymes and diseases such as Colitis or pancreatitis diagnoses of These pathologies can be established in A simple way by means of veterinary Examination and a blood test the hygiene Routine of a cat can lead to the Formation of tricoupis ORS or hair balls They can cause digestive problems when Ingested as they create blockages in These cases the vomit will be in the Shape of a cylindrical plug accompanied By fluid we avoid the formation of these Hair balls it’s advisable to brush the Cat every day add fiber to their diet And provide them with multiple if none Of the above causes explained vomiting And we should think about the Development of a disease viral and Bacterial infections can cause digestive Problems in the animal leukemia or Panleukopenia being such examples the Most important thing to do when your cat Vomits is identify the cause as some are Serious and require veterinary treatment When vomiting is caused by poor diet we Should simply review all the food we Give them and adjust according to their Nutritional needs In case of an intolerance or food Allergy we will have to identify the

Food which produces the reaction and Remove it from their diet when the Problem is due to poisoning a disorder Or disease it will be necessary to visit A specialist as soon as possible here is Our video for today like if you enjoyed The video subscribe for more helpful Content to come and we’ll see you next Time [Music] You

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