What are a dog’s whiskers for? Why are they so much harder and more rigid than other hairs? In this AnimalWised video, we talk about the whiskers of dogs and explain their various useful functions. We also inform you about whether a dog’s whiskers grow back and why it is so important not to cut or rim them. Known as vibrissae, a dog’s whiskers are so useful due to their action as highly sensitive tactile receptors. Additionally, whiskers are no only found on the dog’s snout. They actually grow on other part’s of the face and body. Don’t miss this video to find out what you need to know about dogs and their whiskers. If you want some further background information, check out the original article on our site: Visit our channel if you want to know more interesting dog facts! 🧑

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All dogs have whiskers even if they are Of different lengths they come out of This night and are more rigid than the Rest of their fur Some people trim them for aesthetic Reasons but doing this means they cannot Carry out important functions animal Wise tells you what dog whiskers are for So you can understand why this practice Is wrong [Laughter] Whiskers are known scientifically as Vibra sigh and they act almost like a Sixth sense for dogs they are tactile Receptors with a vascularized root and Multiple nerve endings which communicate Data to the brain the whiskers on a Dog’s night are the most prominent vibra Sigh but there are others located on Different parts of their body this is Why we can also see vaporous eye on the Chin the jaw the lips over the eyes and On the cheeks a dog’s whiskers fulfill Important functions which is why we Recommend you don’t cut them both the Snark whiskers and other vibra sigh help The dog to measure distances in the dark Air currents which pass over the Whiskers trigger the tactile receptors Allowing the animal to gauge the size And location of different objects Additionally super ciliary vibra sigh The ones located just above the eyes Helped protect the dog from foreign

Objects getting into them if something Is coming close to their eye which Presents danger these hairs can detect It and trigger them close before any Damage is done finally a dog’s whiskers Can provide information on temperature a Curious fact is that these special hairs Are proportional to the dog size which Helps them to know if a space is big Enough to pass through similarly to how They molt during the year Dogs will also shared whiskers if you Notice a whisker is fallen it– don’t Worry it should grow back quick enough In the same way if he accidentally Trimmed one it should also grew back Although they may grow back this doesn’t Mean you should cut them doing so will Deprive them of their usefulness until They return making it difficult to Orient it and perceive their environment It can even cause stress in the dog what Do you think about this video if you Find it useful give us a like subscribe For more helpful videos to come and We’ll see you next time

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