Why Do DOGS Like Their BELLY RUBBED? 🐶

❤️🐕 Does your dog love having their tummy scratched and you wonder why? In this AnimalWised video we explain why dogs like their belly rubbed and how to do it correctly so that they can enjoy it to the full!


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[Music] Dogs rolling over and showing us their Belly is one of the most adorable things They can do When they invite us to give a belly rub Or tummy scratch it creates a tender Moment of connection Why is it they like it so much we reveal All in this animal-wise video [Music] What does it mean for a dog to show Their belly before we know why they like Belly rubs we should know why they show Their belly in the first place There are many occasions our own dog Will roll on their back and expose their Underside to us It could be when we are snuggled Together on the couch when out for a Walk or even as soon as we get home from Work it’s a clear invitation they want You to pet them But is this the same with a stranger dog Is it always a request to be petted Dogs can actually show their belly for Reasons related to psychological issues As we explain in this video here showing Their belly can be a sign of submission Or Confidence it can be hard to tell if They are being fearful Submissive or simply eager for a scratch This is because it is one of the most Vulnerable postures a dog can adopt

With stranger dogs it’s most likely a Submissive pose For our own dog they want to be Scratched but why do they like it so Much [Music] Belly rubs give them security since they Invite you to touch them somewhere they Feel vulnerable It’s a clear sign they feel assured and Secure in our presence This gesture is a way that can show Their vulnerability and enhance our bond Together They feel safe and loved this is Reminiscent of their childhood when they Sleep with their siblings Dogs will generally only lie on their Back when they feel happy to do so Discover other positions that indicate a Dog is happy in the video that we share Here How to rub a dog’s belly properly to Give a dog a proper belly rub we first Need to know if they want it or are Showing their belly out of submission If it is with an unfamiliar dog it’s Best to wait for a camera moment to pet Them Let them come to you and first smell Your hand to gain confidence Both on their belly and on the rest of Their body always pet them with Consideration and affection

Start with less delicate areas to make Them feel comfortable Keep in mind that all dogs are Individuals with particular tastes and Characters They sometimes don’t like having their Belly rubbed or even their heads Scratched or tail touched Dogs are living beings with the right to Be respected they are deserving of love And affection and we shouldn’t force ung Attention on them The best way to pet a dog for the first Time is to get down to their height Introduce yourself and only pet them if They allow leave them alone if they Refuse Let us know in the comments if your dog Likes their belly scratched or if it’s Something they avoid We’ll see you next time

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