Why do Dogs SHAKE? – Understanding Tremors

Why do dogs shake? 🐶👇 There are many reasons why a dog may shake their ears, head or entire body, many of them completely benign, but some which are more concerning. In this new AnimalWised video, we look at why dogs might shake their body and understand whether these are one-off shakes or chronic tremors. For a more detailing breakdown of why dogs shake, you can take a look at the original article here 👉

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[Music] You may have noticed your best friend Shakes every day especially when they Wake up what does this mean for their Well-being there are many reasons a dog Will shake and that animal wise we Explained five of the most common to Better understand their behavior [Music] To try themselves a dog will shake after Bathing getting rained on or visiting a Water park by shaping their body rapidly And intensely they are able to remove Some of the accumulated water trapped in Their coat and skin however this doesn’t Mean the dog will dry completely you Will still need to tile or blue dry them Carefully depending on the dog specific Needs to communicate shaking is one of The dogs camming signals part of their Body language there are different Interpretations of this behavior to know Which is correct you will need to look At the context in which it happens for Example dogs may shake for release when Stressed or bored They may also shake as a way of Displaying relief when an unpleasant Situation is over to stretch when Getting up dog shake to warm their body Especially in winter you’ll probably see Them perform a full stretch as if doing A yoga pose to remove dirt after Visiting a forest a dog will likely have

Twigs grass or dirt on themselves Shaking can remove dirt from their coat Which would otherwise lead to itching or Discomfort due to the presence of Parasites or disease the last cause you Want to mention is due to the presence Of parasites or disease fleas ticks or Mites cause annoying sensations on the Dog’s skin leading them to shake and Scratch Some pathologies can also have tremors As a symptom these may be over the whole Body for only localized to the head There are other causes which can explain Why a dog shakes or trembles but these Are the most common to better understand Look at the context of the dog’s Behavior such as dirt on their coat or If they have just woken up if the dog Shakes compulsively it’s imperative you Take them to the vet for a checkup This is our video for today like if you Enjoyed it and subscribe for more to Come don’t forget to share your own Experiences in the comments and we’ll See you next time [Music] You

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