Why Does My CAT ATTACK Me for NO REASON? 🐱 (9 Causes)

🐈 Many cat guardians wonder why does my CAT ATTACK me for NO REASON? At AnimalWised, we show you they do have reasons for this behavior, even if they are difficult to understand at first. By looking at the context of the behavior, we will see it is likely due to one of these reasons why cats attack their owners.


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[Music] It may seem like your cat is attacking You for no reason but there is always Some method to their Madness animal wise Explains the nine main causes of this Behavior [Music] Due to health problems nervous system or Endocrine issues are just two health Reasons why a cat can become aggressive Although they are often related to joint Problems such as osteoarthritis or Neurological disorders you'll need to go To a vet for assessment if you think This may be the problem [Music] Play Behavior if we use our hands and Feet to play with our kitten they'll Interpret this Behavior as acceptable During play when they become adult cats The amount of play can also influence This Behavior if the play sessions are Infrequent or if they spend too much Time without proper stimulation they can Become overexcited when we do play or Simply attack us due to frustration Out of fear a frightened cat typically Assumes a posture with their ears back And tail curled in If they feel they have no Escape they Are likely to attack and improperly Socialized cat will be fearful and Suspicious even a properly socialized Cat can attack if they feel threatened

In a given environment such as when a Stranger enters the home Territorial aggression a cat May attack A human if they are defending an area of The home they consider to be theirs they May perceive the human as a threat to Their territory this type of aggression Is generally aimed at strangers or People who are not often in the home and Cats attacking for this reasonable often Urinate in certain areas as a means of Marking their territory Discover how to prevent your cat from Urinating everywhere in the info video We share above Social order cats don't have a Hierarchical social order like some Animals and they will not try to Establish a particular pecking order by Attacking however they may want to Assert themselves in a social group so They attack for this reason especially If there's another cat present in the Home Redirected aggression this phenomenon Occurs when the cat is angry or anxious About something else when they attack You or another animal in the home they Are redirecting anger towards something Over which they do not have control or They are releasing tension built up from Beforehand [Music] They no longer want to be patted cats

That have been improperly socialized Have difficulty understanding intentions When they are being petted others may Have sensitive areas they don't want to Be touched or have simply had enough and Lash out to stop you this often happens Because calming signals and Body Language have been ignored so they feel They have no option but to use Aggression we help you avoid this Problem with our next info video where We show you where to pet a cat [Music] Maternal aggression female cats that Have birth kittens are very protective Of them if they perceive a threat they Can attack people or other animals even If they normally trust them this is a Hormone related behavior and is most Intense during the first week after Delivery Stress We know cats are sensitive and Susceptible to change they are also Experts at hiding their discomfort or Pain if they are stressed they will Often try to hide it their frustration And stress caused by various external Stimuli can make them attack when it Reaches a certain level What to do if your cat attacks you with Patience and understanding we can help Our cat to improve their behavior being Patient is not only kind but it's the

Most effective way to help avoid Compounding situations of fear or stress You can use positive reinforcement such As giving affection or providing a treat When they are well behaved it's very Important to maintain a steady routine Which includes play sessions plenty of Environmental enrichment will also help Them to let off steam and ease stress a Balanced diet is also vital under no Circumstances should you physically Punish or abuse your cat when they Attack if you want to continue learning About feline Behavior don't miss the Playlist We Share here Have you had this problem with your cat Leave a comment to let us know how you Dealt with it and we'll see you next Time [Music]

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