Why Does My CAT Drink Water With Their PAW? 💧🐈

🐱 Does your cat put their paw in water and drinks from it? This can happen from glasses, the faucet or even their water dish, even though they usually drink using their tongue. At AnimalWised, we explain why cats drink water with their paws.


Why is My CAT DRINKING TAP WATER? 🚰🐈 Find out! 👉
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[Music] Instead of drinking from their water Bowl directly it’s common for some cats To dip their paw in and drink from it While curious there are several logical Reasons behind this feline behavior and It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Problematic keep watching animal wise to Know more [Music] Why do cats dip their paw in water the Reasons cats might dip their pot into Water are often instinctual in the wild Cats are both predators and prey when a Cat touches the surface of water with Their paw they will often smell and lick It to determine if the water is potable They also disturb the surface to see if There are any Predators underneath for This reason your cat May simply be Checking for their own peace of mind Another perspective can be seen with Older cats in particular although they Cannot see much detail they can see Movement easily they may be dipping Their paw in the water to see how far Away it is or to check its depth this Way they don’t get their nose wet in the Process especially with older cats we May need to take them to a vet for an Eye checkup However in the most part the main Reasons cats drink from their paw are as Follows

The water bowl is too small when a cat’s Water bowl is not big enough their Whiskers will touch the sides when they Bend on to drink since these appendages Are so sensitive it can be an unpleasant Sensation to avoid this unpleasantness They may dip their paw to drink from it If you think your cat’s pool is too Small or too low get a bigger one or Place it at a more suitable height They do not like stagnant water although Some cats do drink water from their bowl If they had a choice most cats prefer Moving water this is because it is Fresher and cleaner something cats value Highly if you notice your cat not only Drinks from their paw but tries to drink From the faucet it’s probably for this Reason For more details don’t miss the video That we share here in which we talk About why I can’t straight from the tap If you notice your cat is curious about Water it might be a good idea to get Them a drinking fountain something which Keeps them entertained and encourages Good hydration To have fun dipping their pot in water Might represent something entertaining For cats while in most cases it’s just a Little inquisitive fun if they do this a Lot it may be a sign that cat doesn’t Have sufficient environmental enrichment Play games provide toys and interact

More if this is the case They feel unsafe or stressed if your cat Seems nervous or anxious when dipping Their paw into water to drink they may Be feeling insecure observe your cat to See if they look around frantically After wetting their Palm this could Indicate they are stressed perhaps from A recent move a new family member or Many of the reasons cats may feel Stressed it is also possible that water Bowl is placed in a high traffic area or Even too close to their litter box both Situations which can make cats feel Anxious moving the balls somewhere more Suitable is recommended if the dish is Already somewhere suitable we should Look for other reasons why a cat might Be stressed and treat them accordingly If you want to know the possible causes Of stress in your cat we share a video Here which might help They are sick finally a cat May drink Water with their paw because they are Suffering from a health problem which Makes it difficult to stand if you’ve Noticed they have started to do this Suddenly don’t hesitate in taking them To a veterinarian for a health check Does your cat drink water from their paw Let us know about it in the comments if So and we’ll see you next time [Music] Foreign

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