Why Does My CAT EAT VERY LITTLE? 🐱 (5 Reasons)

🐈 Loss of appetite in cats is a frequent reason for veterinary consultation as well as being of great concern to their caregivers. If you are worried your cat eats very little, we explain why in this AnimalWised video. Discover the 5 possible causes associated with decreased appetite in our little felines.


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[Music] Loss of appetite in cats is a relatively Frequent reason for veterinary Consultation but this doesn’t stop it From being a serious cause for concern To caregivers In this animal-wise video we explain the Five possible reasons for a decreased Appetite in cats [Music] Change of food Sudden changes of brand or type of food Can be the cause of your cat not wanting To eat it’s recommended we always change Their food progressively starting by Mixing new food with the old one it Should be noted that cats are considered Strict carnivores so they need a Majority of protein in their diet and Should never be fed a vegetarian diet When only given non-animal derived foods That do not allow them to obtain the Essential nutrients they need such as The amino acids argonine and taurine it Can have a very serious impact on their Health Find out everything about what to feed a Cat in the first info video we share [Music] Heat when a female cat is in heat she May experience a reduction in her Appetite sterilization of cats is Recommended for its many benefits Including preventing diseases such as

Breast cancer uterine tumors and Pyometra [Music] Intoxication if your cat eats very Little it can also be a symptom of Having eaten rotten food or having Ingested something toxic such as onions Grapes or certain plants If you want to know which plants are Toxic to cats take a look at our next Info video It’s also important to remember that Some drugs cause toxicity in cats so It’s worth noting the importance of Never administering drugs such as Ibuprofen to cats it not only results in Loss of appetite but can cause serious Organ failure Always go to the vet if poisoning is Suspected Stress Cats are very sensitive to changes in Their environment with even the most Subtle possibly being stressful Stress leads to your cat eating less Being nervous or showing other Behavioral changes Stressful situations can range from Small changes in the home to dietary Changes renovations in the house moving Introducing a new animal having a child Or even losing a family member It’s important to identify the cause of Stress in order to treat it and restore

The animal’s emotional stability Synthetic pheromones can also be great Allies in these cases [Music] Diseases besides eating less does your Cat drink or urinate more than usual if The answer is yes it could be a kidney Disease if they have other symptoms such As abdominal pain vomiting or diarrhea It may be a gastrointestinal disease Caused by inflammation tumors or foreign Bodies in the digestive tract these will Significantly reduce your kitten’s Appetite cats are very sensitive to loss Of smell unlike other animals they often Only breathe through their nose Loss of smell is a cause to take into Account as a possible loss of appetite In cats this may be due to nervous System disorders or derived from a nasal Disease one of the most common of the Latter is feline respiratory syndrome Which can involve various viruses and Bacteria lastly it can be other Infectious diseases feline infectious Peritonitis virus is a very serious Disease that can begin with non-specific Symptoms such as anorexia fever and Weight loss for all the above reasons if You notice your cat eats less and sleeps A lot is down vomits or has diarrhea Don’t hesitate and go to the veterinary Clinic to determine the cause If you want to continue learning about

Feline diet don’t miss the playlist we Share here share any experiences you Have of your cats suffering appetite Loss in the comments and we’ll see you Next time [Music]

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