Why Does My CAT Keep CRYING? 😿💦 (6 Main Causes)

🐈 Does your cat cry a lot and you don’t know why? In this AnimalWised video, we explain the different reasons why a cat cries, providing examples of some of the most common situations caregivers will find themselves in when living with felines. For example, a cat that cries at night, because they want to go out, when they relieves themselves or when their eyes have a lot of tears.


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Does your cat cry and you don’t know What’s wrong In this animal-wise video we explain the Different reasons why a cat cries Providing examples of some of the most Common situations in which caregivers Will find themselves when living with Felines They are a kitten In the first weeks of life it’s normal For kittens to cry this could be due to Feeling the absence of their mother or Because they are hungry cold or afraid When we have recently adopted a kitten It’s likely they will cry while they Acclimatize to their new environment To understand why cats cry we must take The context into account for example if The cat is crying and their dish is Empty we may think they might be hungry She is in heat A common reason female cats cry Especially at night is due to their heat Cycle if we live with an unsterilized Cat it’s common to hear them crying and Meowing insistently even desperately Since their heat cycle is influenced by Sunlight it can occur during most of the Year These cats may try to escape and fights With other cats are common This can lead to serious injuries and Even transmission of diseases for this And other reasons spain is recommended

Learn more about the heat period in cats With our first info video above they Want to enter or exit if the context of A cat’s crying is that they do so beside A door or window then maybe they want to Get out or in This can be exacerbated by their heat Cycle but it is also common in cats with Regular access to the outside crying may Be a petition to us to either let them Enter or exit Cat doors can solve this problem as they Allow the cat to come and go as they Please If we arrive home and the cat cries at The door they may be greeting us on our Return or complaining about being left Alone Cats also like to find places to hide so Crying beside a cupboard or closet door Might be a sign they want to get in to Relax the same can happen when they want To get out again If the door is to your room inside the Home there may be something inside they Want such as food toys or a place to Rest Find out more about what a cat is trying To communicate with the next info video On feline body language Their mouth hurts If a cat cries when they eat they may Have an oral health problem or it could Be due to an infection called

Rhinotraucitis which results in a lot of Pain when swallowing The cat may stop eating altogether due To such issues so veterinary Intervention is required They may have a urinary infection If the cat cries when they release Themselves we could be facing a urinary Infection the cat will go to the litter Box often but only excrete droplets it’s A painful process that will need Veterinary treatment they may also cry If they are having trouble passing stool Perhaps due to constipation or anal Prolapse in these cases we should also Consult our veterinarian eye disorders If you think your cat is crying and you Notice the presence of tearing it is Indicative of a health problem related To the ocular system other diseases can Also have crime as a symptom in these Cases it will be necessary to see a Specialist to determine the cause Do cats cry out of grief Although there is no scientific evidence To confirm or deny that cats cry out of Grief we do know they are animals Capable of feeling emotions we can see Clear evidence of them feeling joy or Sadness for example in this way a cat Can make sounds similar to crying when They have lost a loved one or simply Because they feel lonely if you want to Continue learning about the behavior of

Cats don’t miss the playlist we share Here If you want to share a story of when Your cat cried and why please do so in The comments we’ll see you next time You

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