Why Does My CAT MEOW When I PET Them? ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿ”Š๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป What It Says About Your Relationship!

๐Ÿˆ Petting and cuddling up with our cat is one of the best parts of sharing our lives with a feline, but why do cats meow when you pet them? In this AnimalWised video, we look at the different reasons why cats meow when being petted to better understand their wellbeing and our relationship to them as guardians.

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Since adult cats don’t tend to Meow in The wild it may be surprising just how Vocal they can be at home animal wise Explains why this is so in our video on Cats meowing when patted Why does my cat meow when I pet them the Meow is a characteristic vocalization of The domestic feline although it is also A song that has many variants and will Depend greatly on the context of its use Some cats are more vocal than others Some preferring to meow a lot others Doing so rarely and others still will Rely more on other types of Communication whether audiable or not it Is our role as guardian to understand Our cat as best we can and interpret What they try to communicate with us to Know why a cat meows in the specific Context of being petted we need to look At the reasons why cats meow in general They include greeting It is typical for many cats to meow when We enter the home to greet usually with A happy tone request this is an Insistent and clear meow becoming more Intense the more persistent they become With their petitioning it will usually Have a high tone and doesn’t stop until They get what they want or give up Surprise A brief meow that is produced when they See something that excites them often Something they want such as when they

See us opening their favorite bag of Treats heat if we have a sexually intact Female cat going into heat can occur at Any time of year during this period they Will often meow intensely almost willing To attract a male spaying the cat Prevents this heat behavior on the card Above we share a video where we explain Everything you need to know about heat In cats conversation there are cats that Especially like to interact with humans They are capable of establishing a Dialogue of sorts with us meowing in Response to our comments and even Appearing to be engaged in a Conversation with us as if speaking call For attention When our cat is bored or needs some Contact they can emit a soft meow Similar to the meows kittens make to get The attention of their mother Location also remembering a mother cat’s Relationship with her young our cat can Meow in a high tone if they feel like They have lost us or can’t reach us for Whatever reason Help A sick or injured cat may call for our Attention with a serious meow which Varies depending on the intensity of the Problem its progression its location and Its type disgust Cats don’t have a moral disgust as Humans do but they may Meow in protested

Situations which make them feel Uncomfortable a common example is Meowing when locked in the carrier to go To the vet Why did they meow when petted we need to Bear in mind the importance of getting To know our cat’s personality and Behavior to understand why they meow Each cat has their own language they use To communicate with us if your cat meows When you pet them we can usually Consider it a kind of feedback If a cat enjoys being petted they will Often meow to encourage us to continue What we’re doing they may even emit a Kind of mewling along with purring a Sure sign of pleasure and happiness when Being petted If you’re a cat meows and Pros while You’ve pet them it’s a very positive Sign that implies you have a good Bond And a certain level of trust this can be So much the case that they start to meow More intensely rub against us and butt Their head to receive more petting find Out the best places to pet a cat with The next info video we share above Although this is the most common reason For meowing when being petted our Understanding of cat communication is Still limited we need to observe our own Individual cat to learn their traits and Preferences although it is less common It’s also possible a cat meows when we

Pet them because they are in pain and Will meow sharply to stop us from Continuing This could also be the case if we pick Them up and they don’t want to be Carried in your Arms This meowing will Be completely different to meows of Encouragement when patting in these Cases it’s important to observe for Signs of a problem and take them for a Checkup if necessary If you want to continue learning about The behavior of cats don’t miss the Playlist We Share here is your cat a Chatterbox or are they more the strong Silent type let us know by leaving a Comment and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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