Why does my CAT MEOW When They See Me? – 7 REASONS

As soon as you get home, do you see you’re little feline friend greeting you? Sometimes they rub up against you, sometimes they ignore you, bu often they will greet you with a meow. However, different meows have different meanings, which is why this AnimalWised answers the question Why does my CAT MEOW When They See Me? We provide 7 reasons to explain what different types of meow mean, depending on the circumstance of the cat. We need to pay attention to the intensity, frequency and tonality of the meow as well as interpret the cat’s accompanying body language. This way, we can better understand what your cat is trying to tell you when they meow after you come home. You can find out more about cat meows here 👉🏼

[Music] Although they mostly use body language To communicate cats amid vocalizations Which have various interpretations for The Guardians does your cat meow when They see you here are seven possible Meanings behind this behavior to [Music] Interpret an individual meow it’s Essential to learn a cat’s body language Since their vocalization will be Accompanied by certain postures and Facial expressions which are the key to Interpreting their meaning we also need To be alert to tone intensity and Frequency in general the stronger more Intense and frequent the meow the more Urgent and important the message they Want to give you meowing is one of the Ways felines greet their Guardians This vocalization should be a cheerful Tone and will be accompanied by friendly Postures such as a raised tail ears Forward and a cam facial expression this Is why cats meowing when you arrive home May simply be saying welcome back When a cat emits a meow of petition they Are communicating a need or desire these May include hunger wanting a treat or Going outside in these cases the meows Are strong and intense with a cat Emitting them insistently until they get What they want if your cat meows Repeatedly in a high-pitched tone when

They see you It is likely they’re looking for Something remember cats cling to a Routine and need security in their Environment always respect their feeding Schedules and daily habits at home cats Also meow when something surprises Interests or pleases them this Vocalization is usually short and Resembles a brief cry like a positive Exclamation your feline will meow in This way if they think you have a treat For them if they are about to receive Their meal when you pick up their Favorite toy to play each cat owns a Unique personality the environment care And education provided by their Guardians helped to determine a cat’s Behavior and how they express themselves On a daily basis if your cat is sociable And communicative and lives in a home With optimal conditions and lots of Affection from you they may simply want To interact if your cat sees you and Meows they are inviting you to talk or Respond to your calm As their guardian cats relate to us Similarly if we are a parent and friend So you should take these opportunities To strengthen this friendship when they Call out if your cat is bored or want Some interaction they may meow to get Your attention and request you spend Some time on them in general these meows

Will be soft and can similar to those Adult cat submit to their kittens when They want to communicate however if you Notice your cats showing regular Symptoms of boredom you should pay Attention to your environment to verify Your cat finds ways to spend energy be Entertained and exercise if your cat Feels pain is sick or injured they may Use their meow To call for help the tonality frequency And intensity of these meals will vary According to the urgency state of health And degree of pain the feline is Currently experiencing if your cat meows In a deep and constant way don’t Hesitate to go to the veterinary clinic To verify their state of health also if You notice any negative changes in their Appearance or usual behavior We also recommend consulting a trusted Veterinarian when you do something your Cat doesn’t like like locking them up For example you will hear meows an anger And complaint this is a way for cats to Express their dissatisfaction Additionally if your cat doesn’t have a Sufficiently enriched environment to Stay entertained these meows might Appear when you leave the home and come Back again now you know seven reasons Your cat meows when they see you do you Have any others you’d like to add if so Please do in the comments along with any

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