Why Does My CAT RUB Against My LEGS? 🐱 Answer May Surprise You!

🐾 Why do cats walk rub against our legs? 🐱 Why do they walk between them? In this new video from AnimalWised, we will explain what it means for your cat to walk through and rub between your legs. There are many people who give different explanations for this behavior in cats. It’s a greeting? A display of affection? Are these really the true intentions of the cat? Learn more about this curious cat behavior.


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If you live with a cat at home you will Have noticed a wide array of behaviors From their day-to-day existence not all Of them have an obvious meaning such as The cat walking between our legs and Seemingly trying to trip us up as they Rub against them they even rub against Their legs when we’re not moving Many people have varying explanations of This behavior in cats some interpret as A pleasant greeting others see it as a Simple means to get attention and be Petted but are these really the cat’s Intentions keep watching animal wise to Find out [Music] Why do cats walk between our legs when Cats rub against their legs Many of us may see it as a cat’s own Version of trying to pet us a habit Which humans do to them however it is a Mistake to think that cats manifest Their communications in the same way as Humans when the cat is rubbing against Our legs in these situations they are Not petting they usually start by Rubbing against our ankles with the side Of their head following with their flank And finally wrapping their tail around The leg additionally the action may be Accompanied by some purring or shaking Of the tail the importance of the action Lies in the rubbing motion itself if You’ve noticed your cat rubbing against

Yourself you are likely to have seen Them rubbing against objects in the home Such as their bed scratching post walls Or furniture this behavior is the same For both but what does it mean before we Continue don’t forget to subscribe to Our channel to find out everything you Need to know on cat behavior as well as Veterinary advice and much more why do Cats rub on our legs when the cat rubs Against someone or something they may Make contact with their whole body this Is because felines have pheromone Releasing glands on their cheeks chin Paws and base of the tail in addition to Anal and genital glands in this way when These glands are stimulated they secrete Pheromones the molecules of which adhere To objects with their individual smell Although we cannot perceive it with our Inferior sense of smell cats use Pheromones as a message for others of The same species who have much more Developed olfactory senses in this Process the vomeronasal organ also known As the Jacobson organ plays a key rule This is a tiny duct located between the Palate and the nasal duct and is present In some animal species it’s specialized Cells are used for pheromone recognition By taking in chemicals present in the Environment this olfactory information Will then be transmitted to the brain Therefore when a cat rubs against you or

Walks between your legs or even when They rub their head against you when you Hold them they are actually marking you This is sue they can communicate to Others that you belong to their social Group and you are theirs do you want to Understand other cat behaviors appear And in the description we share a video In which we talk about the language of Cats with key signals and postures Marking as indication of well-being Now that we know cats walk between our Legs to communicate belonging we will Explain why they feel the need to mark Their territory our feline companions Have the need for everything to be kept Under control to feel comfortable and Protected by marking their territory With their own scent that communicate to Stranger cats not to approach in the Same way when you get home from a trip The first thing I will do is rub against Your legs they do so to imbue you with Their scent and re familiarize you with Themselves this is how they do in feline Social groups sharing pheromones by Grooming each other and rubbing their Heads against new group members the Marking is therefore indicative of Well-being since it shows that the Animal is safe in their environment as Are those within it if they were in a Hostile environment or if there were Changes in the home they may stop

Marking and start showing behaviors Which reflected this insecurity this may Include hi denote being on edge or even Losing their appetite so does this mean Cats rubbing on our legs isn’t a sign of Affection when a cat rubs against us It’s not simply that they are marking us As property as humans may understand Rather it’s a clear indication that they Love you to your feline friend you’re The one who supplies everything for Their daily needs and provides them with Physical and emotional security Additionally this behavior is also Associated with the animal trying to Tell you something filling up their food Bull or receiving some attention for Example it is possible that the cat has Learned three cause-and-effect scenarios That rub it against your legs results in Than getting something they want Eventually they will develop it as a Habit and as a method of communication Between us Now you know that cats rub against our Legs as a means to leave their scent on Us both in order to feel safe and show Kinship feel free to leave comments if You notice any other interesting cat Behaviors give us a like if you enjoyed The video and subscribe for more to come Don’t miss this related video on whether Cats miss their owners and we’ll see you Next time


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